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Podcast: Can Aggies And Longhorns Co-Exist In The SEC?

The Longhorns want to join the Aggies in the SEC. Is it good for either team? - The Aggies Daily Podcast

Is there any chance this is good news for either team? Texas A&M wanted out of the Big 12 for a lot of reasons, but not the least of which was to get out of the "shadow" of the University of Texas.

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Texas has been the golden child of the Big 12 since its inception in 1996, and A&M had to deal with that going back to the Southwest Conference days as well.

There is much evidence of the Big 12's desire to keep the Longhorns happy above all others, just look at the "Horns Down" rule and the fact that Texas is the only team in the conference with its own dedicated television network.

The A&M / Texas rivalry was a good one, but it was an awkward situation for the Aggies for a long time.

Texas holds the series lead with A&M with a 75-37-5 record over the Aggies. In the final 10 seasons in the Big 12, A&M went 3-7, including a 27-25 loss in its final matchup.

However, this is not the Big 12.

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The SEC will not offer the same "kid gloves" treatment to the Longhorns as the Big 12 did. And Texas will not have the same success on the field as it did in the Big 12. 

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Texas is still a national brand, but the day its membership in the SEC becomes official, goodbye "Horns Down" rule and goodbye Longhorn Network. The SEC has its own television network, and they will not tolerate competition from Texas'. Let's discuss!

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