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The annual Big 12-BIG EAST Battle, a men’s basketball non-conference scheduling alliance, will be extended for at least two more seasons. The two conferences announced earlier this week that the Battle would be extended into the 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons.

When UConn joined the Big East in 2020, the conference went to 11 teams. With the Big 12 only having ten teams, one Big East school would not participate each year in the annual Battle between the conferences. With the Big 12 expanding to 14 teams in 2023, the Battle was expanded to now feature eleven matchups between the two conferences starting in the 2023-24 season. The Big 12 will host six games the first year (2023-24), and the BIG EAST will host six the next season (2024-25).

The Battle matchups will continue to be jointly determined by the two conferences, with the home team choosing the venue of its game. Broadcast arrangements for the contests will be determined by the national television rights holder of the home team, which is ESPN for the Big 12 and FOX Sports for the BIG EAST.

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This season’s Big 12-BIG EAST Battle schedule was announced previously.

2022 Big 12-BIG EAST Battle Schedule

Nov. 29 - Baylor at Marquette
Nov. 30 - Providence at TCU
Nov. 30 - Georgetown at Texas Tech
Nov. 30 - Kansas State at Butler
Dec. 1 - Creighton at Texas
Dec. 1 - Oklahoma State at Connecticut
Dec. 1- Seton Hall at Kansas
Dec. 3 - Oklahoma at Villanova
Dec. 3 - West Virginia at Xavier
Dec. 4 - St. John’s at Iowa State

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