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TCU Men's Basketball:  How To Watch TCU vs. West Virginia

The Horned Frogs will be in Morgantown to take on the Mountaineers at 6:00 pm Wednesday
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SI here, the guy who knows nothing giving you everything you need to know about TCU athletics. And that includes basketball. So they tell me. Regarding Wednesday's game against West Virginia, here is the relevant information: 

Tip off is at 6:00 pm, at the WVU Coliseum, in Morgantown, West Virginia.  

The game can be viewed on ESPN+ with Pete Sousa and Bryndon Manzer.

Alternatively, TCU fans can listen to the game at 570 KLIF Radio with Brian Estridge and John Denton or listen to or watch the game live from the Riff Ram app.

And now for the inexplicably obligatory narrative. 

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The boys are no doubt on the road as I write this droll word stuffer, and they deserve our thoughts and prayers.  They are on the way to West Virginia, so rest assured food will be scarce, accommodations slight.  And I don't know how many Horned Frog fanatics will have the luxury and leisure--never mind, courage--to follow them; thus, they will be greeted by an audience largely inimical.  

Further, we do not perform well against West Virginia, historically.  In fact, they can paint their courts purple with our blood.  In sixteen meets of conference play, we have beaten them four times.  We have never beaten them in consecutive games.  Worse, we have never beaten them in West Virginia--no doubt the result of our guys suffering from malnutrition. 

Having said that, West Virginia's basketball team is not performing any more impressively than their football team, as they currently stand at 0-5 in conference play.  So we might be well-positioned to make history, assuming our boys can find food to eat and a bed to sleep on.  We can also boast that we have consistently improved our play against them, as all four of our victories have been earned in the last six years.  When we limit our contests to that time, we only trail them by two games.  

So, granted I know nothing of the matter, I believe we have reason for optimism.  

But don't quote me.  I said the same thing about football and Georgia. 

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