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TCU Men's Basketball:  How To Watch TCU vs. Kansas

TCU will be in Lawrence, Kansas this Saturday to take on the Jayhawks
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SI here, the guy who knows nothing giving you everything you need to know about TCU athletics. And that includes basketball. So they tell me. Regarding Saturday's game against No. 2 Kansas, here is the relevant information:

Tip off is at noon in Lawrence, Kansas at Allen Field House. 

The game can be viewed on CBS with Ian Eagle, Jay Wright, and Bill Raftery

Alternatively, TCU fans can listen to the game at 570 KLIF Radio with Brian Estridge and John Denton or listen to or watch the game live from the Riff Ram app

And now for the inexplicably obligatory narrative. 

Hate to break it to you, folks.  But we're probably screwed.  

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The last week has tested my inveterate optimism.  I'm not going to mention the mass slaughter of Frogs in California beyond this reference.  And as for TCU Men's Basketball in West Virginia?  Forget about it. 

We just lost to a team, on the road, who had yet to win a game in conference play.  And now we're facing No. 2 Kansas.  On the road.  

I wish I had better news to impart.  

Having said that, never underestimate the heart of a Horned Frog.  Last season our boys exceeded all expectations, and that has been the general theme in Horned Frog sports in general.  

And we do have one reason for optimism.  My friend, Sarah Henkle, tells me that Kansas State did in fact beat Kansas 83-82.  And we beat Kansas State's ass 82-68 (she insists on my bringing up the Big 12 Championship because she's a deplorable sadist).  

A good loss does build character.  So people tell me.  I've never been inclined to believe it.  Losing has taught me one thing:  I hate losing.  And winning has taught me another:  I like winning.  

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