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Dear Red Raiders Fans,

It’s the Battle for the Saddle. Are you ready to ride?

True, we have not looked our best for the last two weeks. In fact, our SMU game left a lot to be desired. But at least we can say our defense made several appearances and held the Longhorns to 32 points, which is certainly better than the 70 points they racked up just the week before.

For the first time this season, we hit the road. I guess it could be worse, at least Lubbock is not Waco. It will be good to get outside The Fort and see new scenery. Wait, I forgot. It’s Lubbock, and the scenery will be flat land, brown cotton fields, no trees, dust, and an occasional tumbleweed. Since we won’t be distracted by the natural beauty, perhaps we can refocus ourselves on our game, catch our breath, and be ready for a crazy night game on the South Plains.

The Battle for the Saddle. You might be hoping for a tortilla-flinging affair to remember. Trust us. We aren’t hoping for that. And speaking of tortillas and flinging them off to the ground, what a waste of food! Didn’t your momma teach you anything?

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Instead of tortillas flying, the tradition I like so much between our teams is fireworks flying through the air. Especially when so many go off that they run out. Oh wait! That only happens in Fort Worth! But if the Frogs can put 82 points on the board again, I won’t complain if we miss out on the fireworks show.

That was 2014. Remember what happened the next year? In Lubbock? Oh, we do. We came strutting into Lubbock ranked #3. You were ready for us. It was a back-and-forth shoot-out all game. It was one of those we all knew whoever had the ball last would probably win. You’re down with under six minutes to play. Your Mahomie throws a bomb for 50 yards for the go-ahead touchdown. You’re up by four. Frogs must score a touchdown to win. You punt to us with under three minutes remaining. On the ninth play of the game, with 0:23 on the clock, it’s 4th and goal from the 4-yard line. Boykin tosses to Josh Doctson, who catches everything, especially in clutch situations. Doctson misses the catch. The crowd in Lubbock is ecstatic. But wait. Doctson deflected the ball, and Aaron Green catches it for the touchdown. If we can’t have 82 points, I will take another thriller like that one!

Now you’ve returned from Morgantown with a victory because of that last second field goal. We know that’s a tough place to get a win. You feel great that you are 4-1 and a good season is ahead. You look at us and our two straight losses, and I’m pretty sure you’re feeling cocky and likely just a bit overconfident going into this week’s game. That’s OK. We’ll take care of that Saturday night.

So, be prepared to send that black horse back to the barn and the matador cape to the cleaners. Get those tortillas if you must. I hope you don’t mind taking them back home for your Sunday morning breakfast tacos. You won’t be tossing them on Saturday night. Save a tortilla and FEAR THE FROG. See you Saturday night under the lights!

Go Frogs!