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WATCH! Best In-Stadium Traditions | College Football Featured Podcast

College Football Tour and Road to CFB discuss our favorite in-stadium traditions from around the country. New limited podcast out weekly!

Andrew Bauhs of College Football Tour and Brett Gibbons of Road to CFB are out with a new limited-series podcast, College Football Featured. Each week, these college football travelers dive deep into the aspects that make the sport unique, authentic, and beloved by many.

This week, they talk their favorite in-stadium traditions from around the country. Some of their selections may surprise you or even inspire you to check them out for yourselves!

College Football Featured is a limited series podcast that'll be released for the rest of the season. Catch six exclusive episodes upcoming!

It's important to note that these aren't top-10 lists, rather a featured 10. Our goal is to discuss as many different college football teams and game day experiences as possible.

Previous Episodes:

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College Football Tour

Andrew Bauhs is the ultimate college football journeyman. He began College Football Tour in the early 2000s, but his travels extend back farther than that. Also a full-time diehard Wisconsin Badgers fan, Bauhs has attends Badger games regularly in addition to his travels.

Follow College Football Tour on Twitter, on Instagram, and check out his website. Also be sure to watch his ongoing series, Stadium Shorts, on his YouTube page.

Bauhs also brought his tour to TCU in 2021! Check out his full story on KillerFrogs.

Road to CFB

Brett Gibbons brought his version of the College Football Tour– which he calls Road to CFB– to KillerFrogs in 2022. Like Bauhs, his love for college football travel stems from the Big Ten West, which you can read about here. Be on the lookout for writeups continuing through the 2022 season right here on KF.

Follow Road to CFB on Twitter, on Instagram, and find out more information on

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