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It’s not uncommon for sports fans to have bucket lists– Every Major League Baseball Stadium, every Cleveland Browns home game– but for Chicago’s Andrew Bauhs, he’s taking on the mother of all bucket lists.

Bauhs, known by his nomenclature “College Football Tour,” is en route to experiencing a game day at all 130 current FBS stadiums.

College Football Tour's Andrew Bauhs at TCU's Frog Horn

Photo courtesy of College Football Tour

Aside from the sheer scope of the undertaking, college campuses rarely sit in large metro areas or near major airports. In order to get to Boone, North Carolina; Lubbock, Texas; or Starkville, Mississippi; you have to get your feet dirty. And that’s exactly what Bauhs has done since 1988: over 300 college football games at 88 different stadiums, all while holding incredible loyalty to his alma mater Wisconsin.

The stories and experiences are endless and in order to keep up with that, visit College Football Tour’s blog at

However, in all those 300+ games, Bauhs had yet to visit Fort Worth for a Horned Frogs game. That is, until October 23 when TCU hosted West Virginia. For his synopsis and guide on a gameday at the Carter, you can find his writeup here. He’s been to five other Big 12 schools, including Oklahoma (2019), Texas (2017), Iowa State (2015), West Virginia (2011), and Kansas State (2010).

Photo courtesy of College Football Tour

Photo courtesy of College Football Tour

“TCU may occasionally fall in the shadows of Texas A&M, Texas, and Oklahoma,” Bauhs said when asked about how TCU stacks up, “but when folks ask me about places they should visit that don’t get enough recognition, TCU would comfortably make that list.”

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“It offers a classic college game day with plenty of unique traditions that truly make a lasting impact.”

Bauhs made note of the Bleacher Creature run, a game day ritual he says he’s never seen. “While Baylor has something similar [the Baylor Line], it is only limited to freshmen and does not involve the fanbase at large. It’s a tradition that truly bonds the Horned Frog faithful with their beloved football program.”

He said his favorite aspect of game day is the century-old Riff Ram chant. “I love a classic tradition that never dies.”

Plenty of sports fans have checked off all 30 MLB stadiums and all 32 NFL stadiums, but members of “Club 130” (or 129, or 120 depending on the time of completion) is rare company. Bauhs is the next member-in-waiting for that exclusive club.

Photo courtesy of College Football Tour

Photo courtesy of College Football Tour

To follow along with College Football Tour, visit his website, find him on Instagram, or on Twitter. Also, be sure to binge his “Stadium Shorts,” a web series jam packed with tradition, on YouTube.

The best way to connect with Bauhs is at a campus near you: he releases his lengthy season schedules each summer. Any which way, you’ll want to witness when he crosses the finish line.

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