Texas Football: Herman: 'We've Got to Figure Out This Offseason Where We Failed'

Texas coach doesn't mince words when talking about the team's problems
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Texas head coach Tom Herman has been taking a lot of grief in the media this past week after a 24-10 loss to Baylor this past Saturday. 

Not only was the loss the Longhorns' second-straight, it came in dominant fashion and marked the fifth defeat of the season - a far mark from the program's No. 9 preseason ranking. 

Herman was candid when talking about the team's struggles, his role in them and the hefty task ahead of him this offseason as he tries to turn things around on the Forty Acres. 

"We've got to figure out this off-season where we failed in that area and make sure that that doesn't happen again," Herman said. "We're all in this together, but at the end of the day the buck stops with me. So that is a big charge of mine in the off-season is to find a way to get these guys better developed and put them in better positions to succeed and also then comes the part where the players gotta decide, you know, I want to take the steps that are necessary to be developed."

Herman was asked about staff changes immediately after the Longhorns fell to Baylor, but said he won't start evaluating anything on that end until the end of the season.   

His comments about the staff aren't much to read into, but they also don't sound like a vote of confidence at this point, though the Texas coach doesn't seem to have lost faith in his ability to do the job that was put before him.  

"I'm not shaken," Herman said. "Obviously in big-time evaluation mode of everything throughout our program. I'm not going to bury my head in the sand. It's my job to make sure that we play to the level that is expected at the University of Texas. Am I the right man to do it? I believe I am, yeah. You're asking me, I don't know -- did you expect me to say, no, I'm not and walk off and drop the mic or something?"