Texas Football: Longhorns Rank as Richest College Program in the Country

Chris Dukes

Once again, no college football program in the country made more money than the Texas Longhorns in 2018. 

Texas has been perched upon the top spot for a number of years now and a recent study by Penn Live revealed the Longhorns are still sitting pretty when it comes to revenue.

Texas finished ahead of Georgia, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Auburn and Oklahoma in the top eight. 

From Penn Live:

"And so, we come to the most amazing money machine in college athletics. Texas football has been a virtual bystander on the national scene for over a decade. But that doesn’t affect sales. Nobody has more fans and TV eyes than Texas. The ESPN-managed Longhorn Network has recently kicked in about $15M annually, and it’s all gravy beyond the Big 12 contract. Tom Herman’s 2nd season was pretty good by recent standards – 10-4 with an early upset of Oklahoma in Dallas, then a big one over Georgia in New Orleans. But the 2018-19 profit was a benchmark for any college program – $112.9M, busting UT’s record set in the prior fiscal year. Winning isn’t everything."

Our take

First off, jab noted from Penn Live. 

The Longhorns are the Joneses when it comes to college football moneymakers and the program has shown its willingness to re-invest that mountain of cash into the stadium and on-field product. However, with high revenues come high expectations and Texas' 8-5 mark in 2019 was far from the standard the massive fanbase expects. When you look at numbers like this you begin to understand exactly why the pressure is on for Tom Herman and his new staff to deliver with a big-time season in 2020.