Texas Football: Looking for an OC? Why Not Give Chad Morris a Call

Chris Dukes

So I hear there's a job opening for a guy to run an offense in Austin. Play-calling experience would obviously be a plus. 

How about a guy who has already been a head coach?

Or a guy who has deep ties to Texas high schools for recruiting? 

Or a guy who was considered at one time considered by many to be the best offensive coordinator in college football?

This is just 100 percent spitballing, but Chad Morris checks all of those boxes, yet his name hasn't come up much on anyone's candidate list for the UT opening.

Tom Herman said in a statement that the coordinator search would be both national and exhaustive. So one would think an exhaustive search ought to at least include a call to Morris, who built a high school dynasty down the road in Lake Travis (that still lives on to this day) before taking the college football world by storm. 

Sure, the bloom is a bit off the rose after two abysmal years at Arkansas, but Nick Saban has made a career out of rehabbing coach's reputations with stops as his coordinators. Perhaps Texas head coach Tom Herman could take a page out of that book. 

Herman has gone on record many times in saying one of the programs he would like to model Texas after is Clemson, why not make one of the same hires Dabo Sweeny did to put his program on the map?

Morris turned former Baylor transfer G.J. Kinne into a star at Tulsa, then mentored Deshaun Watson into a future first-round draft pick and Pro Bowler at Clemson. He would only get one year with Sam Ehlinger, but one would have to think he could have a positive effect on the Westlake product's game. 

This isn't to say Morris is the right guy for this job. That's a hard decision that luckily comes way, way above my pay grade. But if I am Herman and the Texas athletic department, it would be worth at least an inquiry.