Texas Football: Texas Adapting to Recruiting Without In-Person Contact

Chris Dukes

While the NCAA has mandated a "dead period" on recruiting college coaches are still finding a way to get their message out to potential recruits. 

The Longhorns have made several scholarships offers despite the recent moratorium on in-person visits and in many ways things aren't all that different, according to head coach Tom Herman. 

It's kind of status quo," Herman said regarding recruiting. "We would have had unofficial visitors on our campus, obviously, watching spring practice and scrimmages and whatnot, but the level of communication has not diminished. We're still in constant communication with those guys."

 Advances in technology allow players and coaches to communicate much more effectively than they would have just a few years ago.

"I think one of the things that has really helped us old guys at least is you realize that FaceTime and Zoom and some of these different features that allow you face-to-face contact," if you will, they're pretty cool," Herman said. "You can get a lot done and the conversations seem to go much smoother or least more in-depth when you can see someone's facial response and their reaction and nonverbal communication, too. I think we're certainly using those more in place of just telephone calls, if you will, but other than the in-person, on-campus visits, the communication level as has been the same."

The current NCAA dead period extends until at least April 15, but recent events would suggest that date will likely end up getting pushed back until at least the end of the month right now.