Texas Football: Texas vs. Iowa State Game Day Thread

Chris Dukes

First Quarter 15:00

Texas with a quick three-and-out after a touchback. Iowa State will take over on the 41-yard line after a short punt. 

Wind is going to be a factor today. It's at the Cyclones' back right now. 

Breece Hall gaining chunks of yardage. Back-to-back runs for a first down then a gain of six to the Texas 39-yard line. 

Purdy throws for the first time today, complete for a first down to the Texas 32. 

Purdy's first-down throw is incomplete. Overthrown. Looks like the wind caused it to sail a bit. 

Purdy's pass complete for a first down. Back to Breece Hall for a 20-yard run. First down and goal Iowa State. 

Purdy hits Charlie Kolar for a 4-yard touchdown pass. Extra point is good. 

Drive Summary: Eight plays, 59 yards 3:01 off the clock. 

Notes: You can clearly see the difference in styles between Kansas State and Iowa State. The Cyclones have a ton of weapons on offense. Todd Orlando and company are going to have to make some changes. Offensively, look for TExas to try and establish the run game on the second drive with the wind blowing in Ehlinger's face. 

First Quarter 10:44 Iowa State 7, Texas 0

Texas does go to the ground on first down. Six yards for Ingram. 

Ehlinger's second-down pass incomplete to Duvernay. 

Ehlinger sacked on third down. Texas will go three-and-out again. 

Texas stuffs Hall for a loss of one on first down. 

Purdy over the middle to Pettway for three. 

Purdy incomplete pass to force an Iowa State punt. 

Iowa State in the Texas backfield to stop Ingram for a five-yard loss on first down. 

Ehlinger for five on a keeper to bring up third and 10. 

Ehlinger to Duvernay for 18  for a first down to the 50-yard line. 

Ingram over the left side for a gain of three to the Iowa State 47.

Ehlinger on a keeper for two. Brings up third and five. 

Back-shoulder throw to Eagles misses its mark. Texas will punt again. 

Purdy to Shawn Shaw Jr. for 12 and a first down to the Iowa State 25. 

Purdy on a keeper for a 12-yard run and a first down to the Cyclone 41. 

Purdy to Kolar for six on first down. 

Note: B.J. Foster down with an injury. He's still wearing a pretty heavy brace for his shoulder, but it didn't look like that was what was bothering him. 

Purdy back to work. Hits Pettway for a first down to the Texas 40. 

Hall for seven on first down, two on second down. Will bring up third and one.  

Second Quarter: 15:00 Iowa State 7, Texas 0

Purdy ran out of bounds for a two yard loss. Purdy's fourth-down pass is incomplete, Texas takes over at the Longhorn 32. 

Roschon Johnson gets his first carry of the game. He goes for three. 

Johnson again on the counter. No gain. 

Ehlinger's pass incomplete. He had Johnson open, but Johnson fell down. Texas will punt again. 

Hall goes for 12 on first down Iowa State first down at the Cyclone 31. 

Purdy's pass intercepted by D'Shawn Jamison. Texas with a golden opportunity on the Iowa State 34. 

Roschon Johnson for five yards on first down. 

Johnson again, this time for six and another first down on the Iowa State 29. 

Johnson off tackle for four. Texas clearly likes something over on the left side of the line right now. 

Texas goes to Ingram on the same play. Good for three. Will bring up a third and three. 

Ehlinger keeper gets two. Will bring up a fourth and one. 

Texas runs the exact same play and it's stuffed for a loss. No points for the Longhorns. 

Note: Texas really needed to turn that interception into points, even if it was just three. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance and that fourth-down play call probably falls on the arrogant side.  

Hall bottled up in the backfield for a two-yard loss on first down. 

Purdy to Milton for seven to bring up a third and five. 

Purdy hits Pettway for four, short of the first down. Iowa State will punt again. 

Ehlinger to Duvernay for four yards. 

Keaontay Ingram for one yard, followed by a one-yard gain from Johnson brings up fourth down and another Texas punt. 

Hall runs for six yards around the right sid eon first down. 

Right up the middle for seven for Hall. First down Iowa State at the Cyclone 30.

Hall goes for one on first down. Second and nine.  

Purdy's pass incomplete on second down. 

Purdy to Kolar for a first down to the Cyclone 41. 

Hall for six on first down. 

Purdy hits Shaw for 10 and another Cyclone first down on the Texas 43. 

Purdy to Chase Allen for 11 more. 

Purdy to Deshaunte Jones for six. Followed by a pass to Hall for two. Brings up third and a short three. 

Purdy over the middle to Tarique Milton for a first down to the Texas 19. D'Shawn Jamison shaken up on the play. 

Purdy's first-down pass incomplete. 

Hall for two yards on second down. Purdy's pass incomplete. Cyclones will settle for a field goal try. 

35-yard field goal is good. 

Scoring drive: 15 Plays, 67 Yards  4:41 off the clock

Second Quarter 0:53 Iowa State 10, Texas 0 

Ehlinger to Duvernay for 14 on first down. 

Ehlinger hits Brennan Eagles for 33 to the Iowa State 25-yard line. 

Duvernay on the tunnel screen for 14 and another Texas first down. Texas now on the Iowa State 14-yard line. 

Ehlinger to Eagles for 13 and a first down on the Iowa State 1-yard line. 24 seconds on the clock. 

That play is now called a touchdown. 

Scoring drive: 5 plays, 75 yards, 0:30 off the clock

Second Quarter 0:17 Iowa State 10, Texas 7 

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 4.08.20 PM

Halftime: Iowa State 10, Texas 7 

 First play from scrimmage in the second half Purdy finds Jones for a 75-yard touchdown. 

Scoring drive: One play, 75 yards 14 seconds off the clock. 

Third Quarter 14:46 Iowa State 17, Texas 7 

Note: It really seemed like Iowa State was setting that play up the entire first half with their first-down runs. Texas safeties were screaming downhill to help tackle Hall and it just seemed like a matter of time. 

Texas' offense goes three-and-out on its first possession of the half. Has to punt back to the Cyclones. 

Hall for 13 on first down. 

Back to Hall, three this time on the left side. 

Purdy hits Jones, he breaks a tackle and picks up 21 to the Texas 29-yard line. 

Joseph Ossai walking off the field slow. That would be a huge blow to the Longhorns.

Hall wrapped up behind the line of scrimmage by Caden Sterns for a loss of three.  

Purdy's pass tipped by Hall, almost picked of by D'Marvion Overshown. Third and long. 

Purdy's pass too tall on third down. Iowa State will kick a field goal. 

48-yard field goal good. 

Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 35 yards, 2:17 off the clock

Third Quarter: 12:09 Iowa State 20, Texas 7 

Ehlinger on the keeper. May have gained one. 

Ehlinger hits Al'Vonte Woodard for seven. Third and a long one. 

Ehlinger sacked on third down. Texas will go three and out again. 

Note: The once-maligned Texas defense is all that is keeping this game close right now, but one has to wonder how many times the dam can hold? Texas in need of a big stop here. 

Hall around the right side for eight yards. 

Hall tackled in the backfield for a loss of three. 

Purdy to Kolar over the middle for a first down to the Texas 37. 

Purdy pass incomplete. Pass dropped by Pettway. 

Purdy hits Soehner for four. 

An incomplete pass on third down. Will force another field goal attempt. 

Fake field goal doesn't work. Texas catches a break with a first down on its own 31. 

Ehlinger tries Duvernay over the middle. Pass dropped. 

False start backs Texas up. Second and 15. 

Ehlinger on the keeper for four. Third and 11. 

Ehlinger threw a strike to John Burt. He was open but dropped it. Another Texas punt upcoming. 

Hall for five on first down. 

Purdy hits Jones for 16 and a first down on the Cyclone 48. 

Purdy to Pettway for 21 yards and a first down to the Texas 30. 

Now Caden Sterns down on the field holding the same leg he injured a few weeks back. 

Purdy's pass into the end zone overthrown. Brings up second down. 

Holding on Iowa State pushes the Cyclones out of field goal range for a second and 20. 

Purdy's pass incomplete along the right sideline. Iowa State will have to punt after a long drive. 

Note: A huge stop for Texas to stay in this game. You get the feeling that another score there might have been too much to overcome. 

Ehlinger to Duvernay for 11 and a first down. 

Ehlinger to Duvernay for 13 to move the ball to the ISU 49 yard line. 

Ehlinger to Ingram for five, into Iowa State territory on the 44. 

Ehlinger to Burt, incomplete. Third and five. Probably four-down territory here. 

Ehlinger's pass tipped, but a penalty flag down. 

Defensive holding on Iowa State gives the Longhorns a much-needed first down. 

Ehlinger to Johnson for 13. Texas now at the ISU 22. 

Incomplete pass to Jake Smith. 

Incomplete pass to Burt. Ehlinger hit as he threw. 

Ehlinger to Ingram for a 22-yard touchdown. 

Scoring Drive: 10 plays, 80 yards, 2:50 off the clock. 

Note: Huge answer from Texas. Looking at the stats, I am sure any Texas fan would be thrilled to be within one score in the fourth quarter. 

Fourth Quarter 14:50 Iowa State 20, Texas 14 

Hall right up the middle for four. 

Purdy hits shaw for a first down. Stole the ball away from Jamison. 

Purdy to Jones for 11 yards and a first down to the Texas 49. 

Hall loses four yards back into Iowa State territory. 

Purdy's second-down pass incomplete. Juwan Mitchell with the pressure. 

Purdy's pass incomplete. Texas will get the ball back after a huge stop. 

36 yard punt sets Texas up on the 11. 

Ehlinger for 11 on first down out to the Iowa State 22. 

Ehlinger to Ingram for 13 and a first down. 

Ehlinger for nine on the ground. 

Ingram no gain. Third and one. 

Ehlinger to Eagles for five and another first down. 

Ehlinger incomplete to Epps. 

Ehlinger flare pass to Johnson. Makes a one-handed catch and goes for four. Third and six. 

Ehlinger to Duvernay for a first down to the Cyclone 38-yard line. 

Ehlinger to Johnson for eight. Physical run. It will come back due to a hold. 

Sets up a first and 20 from the 48. 

Pass for Duvernay too tall. Second an 20. 

Pass interference called on Eagles. Second and 35. 

Ehlinger hits Eagles for 30 to set up third and 5. 

Ehlinger to Duvernay for 26 down to the Iowa State seven. 

Ehlinger no gain on the run. 

Ehlinger incomplete over the middle to Epps. 

Incomplete pass to Eagles. Fourth and goal from the seven. 

Ehlinger hits Malcolm Epps for a seven-yard touchdown pass. 

Scoring Drive: 15 plays, 89 yards, 6:43 off the clock. 

Fourth Quarter 5:37 Texas 21, Iowa State 20 

Note: The Longhorns clearly put the ball in the hands of their capable quarterback when the chips were down on that drive. Ehlinger made plays with his arm and feet to lead what might be the most important drive of the season so far. Also, how big was that end-of-half touchdown now? 

Purdy hits Pettway for 20 on first down. 

Purdy throws the ball away. Incomplete. 

Purdy another incomplete pass. Third and 10. 

Purdy hits Milton for five. Fourth and five for the Cyclones. Cyclones going for it here. 

Delay of game backs it up five. Now they will punt with 4:20 to go in the gam.e 

Fair catch at the Texas 14. 

Ehlinger for no gain on first down. 

Johnson for no gain on second down. Third and 10. 

Incomplete pass. Texas will punt. 

Great punt by Naggar. Gets a good roll back to the 18-yard line. 

Purdy hits Jones for 15 and a first down to the Texas 33. 

Pass interference (Jalen Green) on Texas moves it to the Longhorn 48. 

The pass is ruled a catch. Iowa State declines the penalty and moves to the Longhorn 43  instead. 

Another pass interference call. This one on Caden Sterns. Another Iowa State first down. at the UT 30. 

Hall for a gain of one. Texas calls a timeout. Ball currently on the 29. 

Pass over the middle to Kolar for five. Third and four, another Texas timeout. 2:04 to go in the game. 

Jalen Green knocks down the third-down pass. ISU will attempt a 45-yard field goal. 

Offsides on Texas. That will give Iowa State a first down on the Texas 21. 

Hall for three to the Texas 18, clock now running. Hall for three more to the 15. 

Purdy takes a knee on the Texas 15 directly in the middle of the field. They will kick a field goal with around three seconds on the clock. 

Connor Assalley drills a 36-yard kick. 

Scoring drive: Nine Plays, 63 Yards, 3:00 off the clock

Final: Iowa State 23, Texas 21