Arch Manning: 10 Reasons He Should Be Texas Longhorns QB

Arch Manning, is one of the top signal-callers in the 2023 class, and there are plenty of good reasons for him to come to Austin
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Could the Texas Longhorns land the next great Manning quarterback? According to a report, Arch, the nephew of Eli and Peyton Manning “really likes Steve Sarkisian at Texas.”

The top projected top 2023 quarterback visited Austin this past weekend, yet will have a tough decision as he evaluates offers from other top programs across the country including Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and many more.

So why should Arch, make his way to the 40 Acres? Here are's top 10 reasons following his Austin visit this past weekend...

1: Steve Sarkisian

The former Alabama coordinator has proven to be an offensive mastermind who has transformed the vibe of the Texas program in a matter of months. Sarkisian has built a diverse and talented staff and has a battle-tested ability to develop talent quickly.

His reputation with QB's is proven and can help get Manning to the next level.

2: Recruiting Class

The 2023 class is setting up to be one of the more elite classes in the country. Alongside running back Rueben Owens, Texas has become a talent hub for prospects across the nation. Given the success of the visit this past weekend, that number could begin to grow sooner rather than later.

3: The New Forty Acres

Now that he's visited the Forty Acres, Manning has seen all the excitement around the new facility and locker room. By 2023, it will be a new chapter for Texas Football and Manning could be the one to lead the way for the program going forward.

4: Coaching Staff

Sarkisian has quietly built one of the more talented and elite coaching staff in the nation. Most notably, defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski showed his acumen at the University of Washington as he led the Huskies to top-15 scoring defenses every season during his seven-year tenure.

The list goes on as Sarkisian brought with him former Alabama coaches Jeff Banks and Kyle Flood.

5: Incoming Talent

In the coming years before his arrival, the Longhorns will stack up on talent to help you maximize Manning's talents. Speedster Xavier Worthy will join the Longhorns this fall along with fellow wideout Armani Winfield, running back Jaydon Blue, and many more in an already stacked 2022 class

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6: Bring Texas Back

The University of Texas has a standard of excellence they expect from the football program. . The Longhorns are the fourth-winningest program in college football history and have won four national titles.

Do the Longhorns win enough? No.

That's why Sark is here.

That's why it's so important that the Longhorns land Manning to help bring Texas back to championship contention.

7: Star-Filled History

There is no shortage of famous ex-Longhorns, who’ve made their mark under center. Some of the top names include Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Major Applewhite, James Brown, and many more.

Arch would have an opportunity to be the next in that line should he commit to the program. 

8: Chemistry

While the relationship with the coaching staff is important, chemistry with his teammates might go even further. 

During his recent visit, it was undeniable to see the instant personal connection with fellow 2023 prospect receiver Johntay Cook II, as well as an already pre-established relationship with running back Rueben Owens, each of which could develop into a lethal on-field connection at DKR.

9: Burnt Orange

Red uniforms.

Blue uniforms.

Black uniforms.


Burnt orange is one of the most unique and recognizable colors in the college world. Not only do the students rock orange on the daily, but the campus tower also lights up in burnt orange after wins. Oh, and it looks pretty good on Manning.

10: Fans

Longhorn fans are spread across the nation and travel frequently to away games. A shared sense of optimism permeates the whole city to start every season, with high expectations of National Championship aspirations.

This isn't an Austin program. This isn't even a state program. This is an international "brand.'' That's how much people care about it... and care about winning.

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