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War on I-4 Tailgating, Dillon Gabriel Warming up in the Bounce House

UCF fans having fun, and Dillon Gabriel throwing on the Bounce House gridiron prior to today's game.

ORLANDO - There's nothing quite like one's rival to bring out as many fans as possible. UCF tailgaters are out early today, and everyone is having fun. 

As the last game of the regular season is about to kick off, here's a reminder of how much fun the game of college football allows everyone to have. To start off, here's one of the absolute best parts of being around college football. Meet Charli, the cutest kid around.


This young lady was keeping everyone happy, and she's obviously supporting the right team, too

From the cutest, to the absolute biggest troublemaker. You are on now record.

Walking around the tailgate lot, this photograph just shows that drinking wine has extra benefits. Think about how many bottles of wine it took to complete this statue...

Wine Cork Knight II

The definition of dedication to complete this full size Knights statue

Wine Cork Knight

The Sword and picture are nice touches, too

Finally, here's a one UCF fan's memories about UCF Football from Daunte Culpepper to dealing with a rowdy group of band members from a certain school in Tampa, Fla.

It's been a great time covering the UCF Football team's 2021 regular season, and the tailgaters had fun all season long, too.

Inside the Bounce House, Dillon Gabriel looks good warming up. He's much closer to playing than many may have believed.

Here's another stop-fade route from Gabriel, this time with a little more mustard on the throw.

Hopefully Gabriel is good to go for the bowl game. He looks like he's made major strides in recent weeks.

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