What's Up With Kedon Slovis' Arm?

The Trojans defeated the Wildcats 34-30 late in the 4th quarter.
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Well it wasn't pretty but the Trojans beat the Wildcats 34-30 late in the fourth quarter. USC saw improvements this week on turnovers yet still struggled with 3rd & 4th conversions, offensive chemistry and penalties. The Wildcats put up a good fight, but it wasn't enough to stop the Trojans spark late in the 4th quarter. Here are some quotes from the post game press conference following the Trojans' win.

Clay Helton talks USC's offense

"Offensively, [we] showed up late again. We missed some opportunities in the red zone that I thought could [have] separate[d] ourselves in the second half being inside [the] 15 twice, [coming] away with no points wasn't good. It let a good team in. Credit to their kids offensively. I thought they did a nice job of spreading the ball around making some big plays down the field. At the end our kids did what they did last week when it mattered the most. I didn't see any panic they showed great poise. They had a little over a minute on the clock with three timeouts we felt extremely comfortable." (Helton)

"The run game showed up again for the 175 mark in the most critical situation, Graham went to it down in the RedZone and great play by Vavae to get that ball in the end zone. A Pac-12 win on the road we are 1-0 on the week 2-0 on the season, we will get back home and get prepared for Utah." (Helton)

Clay Helton talks USC's run game

"I'm really happy with the run game and how that is going. That is really the difference in this year compared to last. It's that 175 we are putting up a game that takes a little pressure off a really good quarterback." (Helton)

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Clay Helton talks Kedon Slovis' performance

"There was a little wind down there when going towards our locker room. On a really dry day that ball can get slick on you a little bit and I know a couple slipped out of his hands. [But] he found ways to execute down the stretch. And I've always said winners win and he is a winner and he found a way to win and execute when it mattered the most. That's what good quarterbacks do and he's done it two weeks in a row so thank goodness for him." (Helton)

Clay Helton talks USC's offensive line

"I don't think we gave up a sack and we rushed for our mark at 175. Are there a few things we could do better? Yes. We had a missed assignment on the 1st & 4th and short that I would like to have back but you give up zero sacks on the day and you hit on mark at 175. They met a goal they kept our quarterback right." (Helton)

"I saw improvement from week one - week two." (Helton)

(QB) Kedon Slovis talks throwing arm 

"My arm feels fine. At times my mechanics were sloppy. I don't know if it was dryness or maybe it's the balls. I don't know what it is. But I'll get it fixed next week we have a lot of time to get it fixed. My arm feels great, just need to get it fixed mechanically." (Slovis

(S) Talanoa Hufanga talks Arizona's offense

"We had a great offense that we went against they like to spread the ball out and they like to take shots down the field and make their plays. But overall we just need to continue to work and bring the intensity [each] week." (Hufanga)

(RB) Vavae Malepeai talks slow start to run game

"It was miscommunication by us and the whole unit. We came on the sidelines talked it out and got it together." (Malepeai)

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