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The following is a list of the top five Utah Athletics headlines for the week of June 27 - July 3.

5. Former Ute Delon Wright inks two-year deal with Washington Wizards

On the first day of NBA Free-Agency, former Ute Delon Wright signed a two-year, $16 million deal with the Washington Wizards.

4. BREAKING: Three-star running back Michael Mitchell commits to Utah

At six-foot, 195 pounds, Mitchell has solid size for the running back position and truly packs a punch. However, what makes Mitchell special are his speed and agility as he's a dual-athlete who competes in track. During the 2022 season, Mitchell ran a 10.81 in the 100M. As for football, Mitchell recorded 1,378 yards and 18 TD in 8 games while averaging 8.9 yards per carry for his high school squad.

3. Recruiting: Three-star running back Michael Mitchell shares how his relationship with Coach Ganther secured his commitment

"It [Utah's offer] means a lot to me. I actually have a bunch of offers but I felt like the way I connected with Coach Ganther, the way he presented to me, the way he came out to see me when I was playing ball and I talked to a couple players on the team, it just feels like home. I can't wait to get down there so I can actually see it for myself, but I believe what everyone is saying and I feel like it's going to be a great home for me," Mitchell explained.

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2. The top three players in each position group: Wide Receivers, No. 2 Solomon Enis

"I have high hopes for our group and this team...I think that's what is gonna carry us day in and day out. We have a lot to prove...I want to be involved, I don't just want to be involved in something...I know we can add value to the team..we can't have those bad days, we gotta stay consistent...if we want to make that push to that playoff, we've got to get our receivers up and going and that's what we're gonna do. I stamp that right now. We're gonna be ready to go," Enis said.

1. BREAKING: Utah lands three-star defensive back Johnathan Hall

At 6-foot-1, 200 pounds, Hall has great size for the safety position which he combines with a punishing physicality and nose for the football, having also played as a linebacker. Demonstrated throughout his game, Hall is a very versatile defender, capable of locking down the secondary and sniffing out run plays. Additionally, Hall can also quickly analyze offenses, allowing him to swiftly navigate the trenches and make explosive tackles.

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