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With one week of the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League wrapped up, fans are eager to see more of the action going into week two. John "Hakis" Håkansson of Team Alliance took to Reddit this week to host a quick AMA and let fans ask some of their own burning questions.

Here are a few of the interesting questions and answers we’ve gotten. These are nowhere near all of them and you can check out the full 300+ reply thread here.

Yuki’s Rampart Pick

diesal3: I am surprised to see that Yuki is playing Rampart in Pro League Split 2. What do you think that Rampart brings to Alliance's playstyle compared to other legends?

Haki: Having physical cover when everybody else only has visual is a huge advantage and it allows Yuki to have more pressure as he can defend against full teams by himself with the help of walls.

Seeing a Rampart on the battlefield was a big surprise for a lot of viewers. It’s not entirely out of left field with all the old recon characters losing their ability to see the next ring and Caustic, Wattson, Catalyst and Rampart all picking it up instead.

Of the new Controller Class, Catalyst has seen the most use and while Rampart may seem like the least meta pick among the four in the class, Haki’s right. Catalyst may be able to block the enemy team's visions, but her wall won’t stop bullets. Rampart's team cover can be destroyed, but it gives you plenty of time to react before the bullets are tearing into your own shields.

Best Teams in EA & NA

Dippin-_-Dots: Outside of alliance, who is the best team in the EU? Also, who is the best team in NA?

Haki: Acend and TSM they performed the best at LAN and that's what matters the most

It should come as no surprise that the two teams Haki praises are the Top 1 and 3 teams from the previous LAN, the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. After just one week, TSM is already seeing some critical reception about their performances but it’s important to note that they already have their place locked in for the Split 2 Playoffs.

Teams who are already going to the Split 2 Playoffs don’t have much to gain by going all in on the Pro League. If anything, it just gives their competition a chance to adapt to their strategies. That doesn’t mean anyone should throw either, but it’s not a bad time to try out new comps or alternative meta picks. As Haki points out, it’s the performance at LAN itself that matters most.

Alliance at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs

Thomas_Rampou: Opinion on your last LAN performance?

Haki: I'm very happy with our LAN performance especially with a sub. Top 5 and guaranteed championship spot is great for the mental of not having to worry about.

I was sad in the moment but that's just because I'm a very competitive person and knew that we had the chance to win but atm I'm very happy :D

Team Alliance’s win at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs helped secure their spot in the Split 2 Playoffs, but it’s also important to note that they were only one match away from a match point. They were a top contender then with a player subbed in and they’ll be even more prepared going into the Split Playoffs with more time and experience as a team under their belt.

Alliance Strats

Tobri 93: Do you plan to change your strategy based on how other teams played on the first weekend? Did any teams stand out as being top competitors?”

Haki: Our strategy has been rock solid for a while now no need to change anything up and I think it's too early to tell if someone stands out, nobody comes to mind at least.

With Seer, Bangalore, Valkyrie and Catalyst dominating the meta after the first week of the ALGS Pro League Split 2, it’s not likely we see too many teams near the top changing up their strategies.

In the case of Haki and Team Alliance? They’re sitting in 8th place in the EMEA region out of the 30 teams. But it’s important to keep in mind that Alliance also only played one day and came out with 56 points. The teams above them (save for Fire Beavers) have gotten to play an extra day. Alliance also took first place, one second place and another three games in the top 5. Rampart seems to be working out for them so far.

Experience is Everything

Tangelo_Moist: What do you think Alliance lacks as a team?

Haki: Time. Always the most important thing especially as a new roster and picking up a 17 year old player, it's an investment knowing that we are gonna dominate the future.

Referring to the newest member of Team Alliance, Miron "Effect" Novikov, is only 17 years old and joined the team last year in November. Despite being on the team for several months, Effect wasn’t the one playing with the squad during the Apex Legends Global Series Split 1 Playoffs. Mikkel "Mande" Hestbek was subbing in.

Team Alliance is fortunate to have a guaranteed spot in the Split 2 Playoffs, so they can take their time during the Pro League and figure out what works for them and what doesn’t. Except the team to only get better as the Pro League carries on.

Supporting Your Team

EXTREMExJai: What strategies do you employ when playing as a support character in Apex Legends, and how do you ensure your team’s success while fulfilling your role?

Haki: A support character usually is a selfless player that watches over his teammates and directs them into making safe plays and covering them at the same time.

You always wanna be in a spot where you can help and be fast at following up for example refragging or just trading damage whenever your teammates need to heal.

Very important to have great awareness and keep track of both the enemy and your teammates so that you can punish people overextending or follow up on teammates damage

Proving exactly what makes him a professional and a contender for one of the best is the insight Haki gives on the role of a support player. Most players or casual observers think of support players and immediately their mind goes to Lifeline or Newcastle, healers or revivers.

But Haki points out that supporting your team goes much further and much deeper than just the idea of healing in video games. This mindset also provides a bit more insight into the benefits of a Rampart pick for Yuki. Being grounded and protected behind Amped Covers allows Yuki to provide that extra support and information for the rest of his team while remaining more protected than he would be without it.

ALGS Pro League Split 2, Week 2

The ALGS continues this weekend and it’s still early enough in the Pro League that anything could happen. But Team Alliance is definitely a squad you should keep your eyes on. For more information about how the Pro League and the ALGS works you can check out our article on all the details.

You can catch the matches live on the official Apex Legends Twitch and YouTube Channel.