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Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event Loba Prestige Skin Revenant Army LTM

  • The Uprising Collection Event in Apex Legends starts on December 5th and will continue until January 2nd, the longest duration of Collection Event ever.
  • A new LTM, Revenant Uprising will lead to the conclusion of the Kill Code storyline that started last season.
  • Collecting all 24 Cosmetics will unlock the Loba Prestige Skin, Apex Lycanthrope.

Uprising is the first Collection Event of Season 19 in Apex Legends and features Loba's Prestige Skin, Apex Lycanthrope, 24 new limited-time cosmetics, a Revenant-themed limited-time mode and new non-rank battle royale weekly power-ups. Here’s everything you have to look forward to in the Uprising Collection Event.

Loba Prestige Skin

The Prestige Skin is an Heirloom-level cosmetic that has three skins in one and is unlocked after you obtain all 24 limited-time cosmetics from the Uprising Collection Event. In order to unlock all three skins, the dive-trail and her unique mythic finisher Enraged Claws, you’ll need to deal 100,000 damage using Loba.

The design of her Apex Lycanthrope skin is inspired by titan-pilot suits and her signature wolf theme.

Loba's finishing move from her Prestige Skin in the Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event.

Loba's finishing move from her Prestige Skin in the Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event.

Uprising Collection Cosmetics

As with all Collection Events in Apex Legends, Uprising features 24 limited-time cosmetics including 6 legendary skins for both legends and weapons, as well as three epic skins, weapons and some banners and gun charms.

The legends and weapon combos for these limited-time cosmetics include; Gibraltar, Bloodhound, Vantage, Valkyrie, Ballistic and Ballistic. The guns with new legendary skins are the Peacekeeper, Flatline, Wingman, Charge Rifle, Havoc and Triple Take.

Revenant Army LTM

The newest LTM, Revenant Uprising, is the final arc of the story that has been unfolding since Revenant’s Rebirth in Season 18 of Apex Legends. After the events of Kill Code Part 4, Revenant has complete control over an army of his own and is coming after the Legends after killing Eduardo Silva.

In this limited-time mode players will be divided into two teams for a 30 v 30 epic showdown. On one side will be the Legends who only have to survive until the final ring and then escape on a drop ship to win.

But the Revenants, led by a single red-eyed version with red evo armor and red weapons, will try at all costs to stop them.

Players can be revived and even respawned with no limit except a cooldown on respawn beacons. But if the whole team is killed, they also become part of the Revenant Army.

Revenant and his army in Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event.

Revenant and his army.

Weekly Power-Ups

The final unique twist on this month-long Collection Event in Apex Legends is the Weekly Power-Ups earned through the free reward tracker. The tracker isn’t anything new for events such as this, except there are less cosmetic rewards on it and instead they reward things like Grenadier Vision, or Grenadier Sling. These will give you week-long temporary buffs to your Legend in non-ranked battle royale.

Once a new week starts, you’ll lose the buffs and have to earn a new one. This will change up the play-style of the non-ranked games a bit and looks to be a kind of testing period for a rumored perk-system that Mobile Apex Legends had.

Free Reward Tracker in Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event

Weekly Reward Track for the Uprising Collection Event in Apex Legends.

The Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event starts on Tuesday, December 5th and lasts until Tuesday, January 2nd.