Best XDefiant Faction for New Players

If you missed out on the beta, here’s the Faction you should be running

XDefiant is a brand new First Person Shooter developed by Ubisoft, and the Factions bring a whole new challenge to starting the game as a new player. While there were a number of beta sessions to try it out, if you’re a new player the Factions can be quite daunting.

However, we’ve got you covered with a breakdown of the best Faction to use as a new player, including all of their abilities, and what makes them so good.

Best Faction for New XDefiant Players

The best Faction to use as a new XDefiant player is the Libertad Faction. The Libertad Faction is based on Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6, and the abilities focus on healing yourself and your teammates.


  • Médico Supremo (Ultra): The Médico backpack provides a large health and healing boost for a limited time.
  • El Remedio (Ability): Launch a revitalizing gas canister that heals friendlies until destroyed or canceled.
  • BioVida Boost (Ability): A fortifying wave boosts total health and regen for you and nearby allies.
  • Espíritu de Libertad (Passive Trait): The contagious spirit of freedom slowly heals you and nearby allies.

First of all, the Passive Trait of the Libertad Faction “slowly heals you and nearby allies”. This is extremely helpful for new players as it means that you will always have some spare health, and almost always have an upper hand in gunfights as most other players won’t have healed yet. Not only is this helpful for you, it is also extremely helpful for your teammates, and should help the entire team to a victory.

XDefiant image of characters

The two Abilities that the Libertad Faction has are a gas canister that heals friendlies and a wave which boosts total health and regen for yourself and nearby allies. The gas canister is helpful in team objective modes as you can heal your teammates who are capturing or defending and objective. However, the BioVida Boost is the best ability in XDefiant as a whole. Similar to a Stim from Call of Duty, the BioVida Boost will give you some extra health for a short amount of time. This allows you to push onto an objective with some extra health and have more confidence in your ability to get the kills. This boost is also given to nearby allies, so it is even better when pushing with your teammates.

Finally, the Médico Supremo Ultra ability for the Libertad Faction provides a large health and healing boost for a limited time. Simply put, this is the BioVida Boost but bigger, and is perfect for a coordinated push with your team, or if you’re looking to take on some enemies yourself.

The Libertad Faction is great for new players as you are sure to stay alive for longer due to the healing abilities. However, if you want to try something else, check out our list of every Faction in XDefiant ranked.

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