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What is a Hot Spot in Fortnite? How to Locate Hot Spots in the Map

Do you often find yourself right in the middle of the fray in Fortnite, falling early in massive fights? You might need to keep a better eye on Hot Spots in Fortnite. Here is what a Hot Spot is in this battle royale and how to avoid them.

A battle royale like Fortnite is all about being the last surviving team. For some players, this means aggressively taking down other teams before they have time to scramble for loot. But for others, it means avoiding conflict until they have the loadout they want. If the latter sounds like you, you’ll want to get better at avoiding Hot Spots. Here’s how.

What are Hot Spots in Fortnite?

Hot Spots are, to put it simply, the most dangerous spots on the map. Hot Spots are more dangerous because it’s where the majority of teams may want to land after jumping out of the Battle Bus since there are quality drops. You’ll see Loot Carriers and Supply Drones that include ammunition so the teams that race to the Hot Spot can have massive shootouts without running out of bullets.

It’s safe to say that it’s pure chaos in most cases. If you are not the type that wants to rush to grab the first weapon you see and start attacking other teams, you will want to avoid Hot Spots at the start of the battle.

Fortnite team battle in a hot spot

Hot Spots Return to Fortnite

Hot Spots are common in the battle royale genre and pre-date Fortnite. When Fortnite OG came out, fans noticed that Hot Spots were back in the game after being removed a while back. While Fortnite OG has unfortunately ended, the Hot Spots have remained.

How to Identify Hot Spots on the Fortnite Map

You will be able to locate Hot Spots by checking out the map before you drop at the start of a match. When looking at the map, keep an eye out for gold lettering instead of the usual white lettering.

To reveal the names of each POI on the Fortnite map, press the touchpad on your controller or M on your keyboard. This will open the map and show all of the areas you can choose to land. This includes the Hot Spots, of course.

If you choose to land in a Hot Spot, start shooting down Supply Drones right away. Grab the items that fall out and start fighting off enemy teams. Keep in mind that many other teams will have the same idea.

You can also choose to avoid these Hot Spots and start searching for weapons and other items in a much more quiet environment. But remember that you’ll have a better chance at getting rare and powerful weapons at Hot Spots, so it’s sometimes worth the risk if you have a strong team with you.