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Everything We Know About the Rumored Fortnite x Power Rangers Crossover So Far

Fortnite leakers have revealed that a Power Rangers crossover is coming. Here's what we know about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Fortnite debut.
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A rumor from trusted Fortnite insiders is pointing to a crossover with the original Power Rangers. 

If there's one game that's no stranger to leaks, it's Fortnite. Whether it's data miners digging through the battle royale's files after an update or insiders sharing yet-to-be-announced information, there's always something new being revealed ahead of Epic's official statements. 

This time around, a large handful of Fortnite leakers (who are almost never wrong) have come together to confirm that a crossover with the Power Rangers is on its way. Here's what we know about this possible crossover so far. 

What Is the Fortnite x Power Rangers Crossover? 

Not much has been leaked regarding the contents of the Power Rangers crossover. Something interesting to note, however, is that it's said to be a crossover featuring the first-ever Power Rangers team that started the entire franchise back in 1993. 

Power Rangers Fortnite event

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered in 1993 on Fox Kids. Based on a Japanese television called Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, it instantly became a cultural phenomenon in America. It followed a group of teenagers that transformed into a uniformed superhero team to take on Rita Repulsa, a space villain that astronauts accidentally freed. 

Basing the Fortnite crossover on this older series is an exciting bit of nostalgia and fans of all ages will no doubt be excited to run around as their favorite Power Ranger from childhood. 

It's unclear if the event will feature more than skins. It's possible that there will be a limited-time game mode, in-game challenges and rewards, and other fun updates. This is all unknown at this time, however. 

When Is the Fortnite x Power Rangers Crossover? 

No timeline has been given for this possible crossover event. 

Fortnite just announced the return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this time bringing Shredder into the battle royale. The Power Rangers are definitely fitting after that but the timeline has not been revealed.