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There are over 200 cards coming in Rise of the Floodborn and competitive players have become quite overwhelmed as it approaches. Many feel as though there has been major “power creep,” meaning the new set is much stronger than the first, forcing competitors to buy the new cards to keep up with opponents.

Here are the cards you’ll want.

The Queen — Commanding Presence

The evil queen in Disney Lorcana

The Disney Lorcana competitive community is already shaking at the mere mention of The Queen, a card that’s said to almost be broken. Many fear that if you don’t have The Queen, you might even fall victim to her without any answers.

The Queen is a five-ink amber card that can be shifted for two ink on top of The Queen — Wicked and Vain, meaning you can get it out by your second turn if all goes according to plan. Then, her Who is the Fairest ability reduces your opponent’s character strength by four while granting one of your own characters plus four strength that turn. As she takes down your opponent’s characters, she can grab two lore.

Beast — Relentless

This aggressive card states that this character can be ready whenever another character is damaged by your opponent. Always having the opportunity to strike is scary and Beast’s strength and willpower are quite high as well. You’ll find this oppressive card in every damage-based deck going forward.

Beast — Tragic Hero

The Beast in Disney Lorcana

This Beast card is quite different from the previous. Instead of focusing on damage, Beast — Tragic Hero lets you draw a card if not damaged at the start of your turn. If Beast has taken damage, however, you can add four strength and hit for seven. This may scare your enemies into leaving Beast alone, allowing you to quest for lore in peace.

Lady Tremaine — Imperious Queen

Lady Tremaine and cat in Disney Lorcana

This aggressive villain can be shifted for four ink onto another Lady Tremaine card. Once she is out, enemies will have a hard time dealing with her thanks to the Power to Rule at Last ability. The card states that when she is played, each opponent must choose and banish one of their characters. Lady Tremaine — Imperious Queen can be very disruptive for opponents, leaving them behind if your strategy works out as planned.

Fairy Godmother — Mystic Armorer

Fairy Godmother in Disney Lorcana

If you want to play an aggressive deck, you’ll need Fairy Godmother on your side. This floodborn version of the usually wholesome Cinderella character has her providing every other character you have out with an extra three strength. This effect is triggered when she quests, also letting you return your characters to your hand if they are banished. This will make it easier to keep bringing out characters as your opponent struggles to build up their own board.

Merlin — Goat

Merlin as a goat in Disney Lorcana

Merlin arrives in Rise of the Floodborn as four animals, including this Goat card. Playing Merlin — Goat will trigger his Here I Come ability, which instantly gives you one lore. When he leaves play, you gain another one lore.

If you combine Merlin — Goat with cards that allow you to return cards to your hand, like Perplexing Sign Posts or Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, you can continue to replay your Merlin cards for one lore each and remove them for another. This is looking to be one of the most frustrating loops to contend with in the upcoming meta.