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Lorcana League — Local Disney Lorcana Tournament Structure, Prizes

Find out how to compete at the highest level in Disney Lorcana by joining the Lorcana League

Disney Lorcana is more than just a collection of desirable Disney-inspired cards. It also has a competitive side that’s already started to grow, including an official program called Lorcana Play.

A couple of large tournaments have already taken place but so far Ravensburger hasn’t announced any official tournaments or an ongoing series. But when they do, it will be under an official organized play program called Lorcana Play.

To become part of Lorcana Play, you’ll need to join the Lorcana League.

Disney Lorcana tournament gameplay

What is the Lorcana League?

Lorcana League is for casual local weekly organized tournaments. Basically, local card shops and hobby stores will have competitions and events with prizes as well as tracked points for participation and placement.

Like other card games, Disney Lorcana’s local tournaments will have a small entry fee and require players to sign up — some stores may even require deck lists.

Right now, a lot of local shops are having trouble getting enough stock and accessories to run locally, but check with local shops to see if they are running any official Lorcana League events. Until then, you can play with other local players in person in unofficial tournaments or practice online.

Lorcana League Points System

Lorcana League is a more casual and community-based tournament season.

Every Lorcana League season will be 12 weeks, with three rounds per season and four weeks per round. You will be able to earn up to 10 points each week, with 40 being the max points per round.

Here is how you earn points in Lorcana League:

  • Sign up for a League round: 1 point
  • Win a match (BO3): 2 points
  • Lose a match (BO3): 1 point
  • Teach someone to play in-store: 2 points
  • Bring someone new to the League: 1 point

According to Ravensburger’s official rules, given out to stores that are participating in the Lorcana League, there will also be random ways to earn points as well. Stores can make up their own ideas, like rewarding one point if you wear a Disney-themed outfit to a Lorcana event or using certain cards in decks.

Lorcana League Structure

Lorcana League points are collected by stores individually, meaning you’ll only be competing against other locals who go to the same store as you. Over 12 weeks, you’ll compete in three consecutive League rounds where you play casual matches or do other Lorcana-related activities in-store.

Participants will earn points for competing and doing activities. These points will be tracked on a League poster after you sign up for your League at your store of choice. One sticker is equal to one point.

At the end of each League round, promo cards and pins are rewarded. At the end of three rounds of League play, season prizes and remaining round prizes are awarded.

Lorcana League Prizes

At the end of each round (four-week period), participants with the most points will get the following:

  • 8 Mickey Mouse — Detective promo cards
  • 8 Heihei — Boat Snack promo cards
  • 8 Yzma — Alchemist promo cards

The person with the most points is the League round winner and can choose two different promo cards. Everyone else will randomly get one promo card.

Then, you may get one of the following pins:

  • 2 Scar — Fiery Usurper promo pins
  • 2 Ariel — Whoseit Collector promo pins

The winner will get one pin of their choice. The other pins are given away at random to the three remaining League players who earned the most points.

Then, at the end of the entire 12-week season, you will be awarded the same prizes as the one above but also these additional season prizes:

  • Lore counters
  • Disney Lorcana logo pins
  • Remaining round prizes