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Disney Lorcana 2024 Timeline — Official Tournaments, New Products and Sets

2024 is shaping up to be a big year for Disney Lorcana players and collectors. Ravensburger recently shared some of their plans for 2024, including new products and competitive events. Here is what we know so far.

The two big reveals of 2024 include a new introductory product called Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway and an official competitive circuit called Disney Lorcana Challenge.

Disney Lorcana set 3 is happening

“Disney Lorcana TCG has struck a chord with players, collectors, and fans around the world and we’re so grateful for the support,” said Global Head of Games Filip Francke. “It has proven to be a fantastic entry point for first-time TCG players, and we will continue to do everything in our power to make the product available at MSRP pricing.”

The plan is to “support and grow” the community through organized play, competitive events, and exciting products for collectors, as well as creating opportunities for new players get into the card game.

Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway Coming in 2024

This stand-alone product is a learn-to-play experience to help new players feel comfortable in the TCG space. This product includes:

  • 2x 30-card decks
  • Game board
  • Character standees
  • Rules
  • Player’s guides
  • Additional cards to add to their deck

This product will be released on August 9, 2024 for $24.99.

Disney Lorcana Challenge Coming in 2024

If you’re a more established player and want more competitive opportunities, Ravensburger is launching an official competitive circuit in North America and Europe starting in May 2024.

Disney Lorcana Challenge will start with regional-level events where players can compete to qualify for the NA and EU Championships. Top players will earn invites to the World Championship, which will take place in early 2025.

Additional events are going to be planned for the holiday season. All of these events and challenges will let players earn qualification to larger events. The World Championship will be invite-only, but it will be part of a larger open event.

Stay tuned for more details on the full schedule, registration, rules, and prizing.

Set Championships For Local Play

Set Championships will debut in April 2024, in-store Organized Play events. This will coincide with the release of Into the Inklands. Select approved locations will host an Into the Inklands Championship with unique Enchanted Stitch — Rock Star promos.

Details for how a retailer can participate in Set Championships will come in February.

Four Sets To Be Released in 2024

As previously announced, there will be four sets released in 2024. This will be the hopeful continued pattern for the card game.

  • Into the Inklands
    • Local game stores and Disney parks: February 23
    • Mass retail and online: March 8
  • TBA
    • Local game stores and Disney parks: May 17
    • Mass retail and online: May 31
  • TBA
    • Local game stores and Disney parks: August 9
    • Mass retail and online: August 23
  • TBA
    • Local game stores and Disney parks: November 15
    • Mass retail and online: November 29