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The Most Expensive Cards in Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands

Get ready for some exciting new cards inDisney Lorcana Into the Inklands. You're going to need to make room in your binders for these especially desirable cards.

Disney Lorcana's third set, Into the Inklands, is coming soon and these are the cards you will want to pull if you're a collector on the hunt. 

Into the Inklands is arriving with a new mechanic, lands, that will create even more dynamic gameplay going forward. It also has a lot of new Disney properties within, including classics like Atlantis and Treasure Planet. 

With a few weeks to go until the set is released, the prices are still a bit high. Keep in mind that these prices will go down as cards become more available. But it seems like these are the ones that have caught collectors eyes so be ready! 

Morph Space Goo Into the Inklands
Robin Hood Champion of Sherwood Into the Inklands
Chernabog Evildoer Into the Inklands
Mickey Mouse Trumpeter Into the Inklands
Gamma Tala Spirit of the Ocean Into the Inklands
Maleficent Mistress of All Evil Into the Inklands
Scrooge McDuck Richest Duck in the World Into the Inklands
Into the Inklands Kida Protector of Atlantis
Jafar Striking Illusionist Into the Inklands
Ursula Deceiver of All Into the Inklands