Is CFB25 Ultimate Team a Copy of Madden Ultimate Team?

CFB25 is less than a week away and EA has just revealed its Ultimate Team. Fan opinions appear to be mixed.

With the return of a franchise as beloved as the EA College Football games, there has been an immense amount of hype. Most of that hype has been overwhelmingly positive, but there were bound to be more mixed responses to some announcements.

With CFB25 having a heavy focus on its 'Dynasty' and 'Road To Glory' modes, EA was going to have to cut corners somewhere to get this game made within a reasonable amount of time. One such way appears to be its Ultimate Team mode.

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Ultimate Team Details

EA CFB 25 Ultimate Team top 5 players.

Ultimate Team is a mode in EA's sports games where you try to create your dream team or the perfect team by trying to take the best players at every position, regardless of team, and putting them together on one team to create the "Ultimate Team".

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is extremely popular and one of the most popular modes in that game. It even has it's own esports scene called the Madden Championship Series. MUT is designed around doing challenges, progressing through the Field Pass (standard battle pass), earning coins and packs, and using all of those things to earn the best players you can before diving into head-to-head seasons to compete for a Super Bowl.

Of course, you can bypass all of that grinding by just spending real money to get the best players because Ultimate Team is as predatory and horrifically pay-to-win as any video game mode possibly can be.

EA CFB 25 Ultimate Team challenge menu.

Basically, do challenges and play games (or spend real money) to get players, win games to get more coins for better players (or spend more real money to get better players) and that's it. Rinse and repeat. That's MUT. That's also apparently College Ultimate Team as well.

The only difference between MUT and CUT is the addition of a new single player seasons mode. Other than that, College Ultimate Team is literally just Madden Ultimate Team.

Fan Reactions

Fan reactions are mixed on the College Ultimate Team announcement. Some people think it's fine and does exactly what it needs to do, others are upset it didn't push the envelope further. Some are happy that it being a copy+paste means they're spending more time on the other modes people are more excited for, and others are just convinced the game is nothing more than a Madden clone from top-to-bottom.

A happy redditor on r/NCAAFBseries
Happy redditor. /
Two angry redditors on r/NCAAFBseries
Two angry redditors on r/NCAAFBseries /

It's somewhat fair to say that the main reasons the majority of players excited for EA College Football 25 are the new 'Dynasty' mode and the new 'Road To Glory' mode and not Ultimate Team. UT is super popular in Madden and will continue to be but it likely won't ever reach nearly as high levels of popularity or profitability in its college counterpart. Only time will, though.

Ben Fitzsimmons