Super Smash Bros. Loses Another Tournament: The Big House Announces Shut Down

Big House is coming to an end after 11 years. There might be a future for Smash fans but that's unknown.

The Big House, one of Super Smash Bros. biggest tournament organizers, is coming to an end.

The Big House Head Organizer Robin "Juggleguy" Harn recently shared a long and emotional update on the future of TBH after the community questioned what was happening with the yearly event. Since 2011, The Big House has taken place in October as a tournament focused on providing a quality event for Smash fans who have been "hungry" for events like these.

The Big House has long been regarded as one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Super Smash Bros. scene, particularly for Melee. With Super Smash Con on the East Coast and Genesis for the West Coast, it filled an important role in the Smash scene as a super major in the middle of the U.S. Some of the greatest sets of Melee ever played, as well as a number of historic tournament runs, have taken place at this legendary tournament.

Unfortunately, organizing the event has changed for Harn over the years and he's had to reevaluate his decision to put Big House tournaments together. First, Harn admitted that he was hired as a Varsity Volleyball Head Coach at a high school that has fulfilled his desire for creative challenges and managing events. But managing the entire high school program has started to overlap with his Big House planning timeline and he can no longer "give another project 100% of my energy during those months."

While Harn has been enjoying his new position at the high school, he admitted that it's not a full-time role and he doesn't have the financial stability to run Big House. He told fans that he's been living off of personal savings and no longer has any faith in the esports and gaming industry. Putting on a large-scale event seems like it won't be financially possible for him at this time. This is especially difficult since he can't find sponsors and partners willing to back the event. The community has started demanding more, including streams and internet needs that have grown more expensive over the years.

"The past two years, my staff and I dug deep to put in extra hours during planning season to still find a way to make it work, and against all odds we produced what we believe are the two best Big House events ever, creatively and logistically," Harn wrote. "But when the effort and stress level of making it work keep increasing while the big picture financial feasibility keeps decreasing, eventually it reaches a breaking point where we can’t keep pace with these two trends drifting in different directions."

Is Big House Dead?

For the reasons listed above, The Big House is currently on "indefinite hiatus."

Right now, Harn claims that it's possible The Big House will return in the future but it would require a lot of changes. This could mean happening at a different time of year, more financial support, or even a new Head Organizer taking over.

Harn added that nobody can step in and save The Big House this year for numerous reasons, including venues, contracts, and financial issues. Harn explained that he's been taking a financial risk every year to run Big House but not many people would want to take that same risk, meaning his role is currently empty.

"TO'ing events is still a passion project. I’ve never paid myself a salary for hosting events, instead always reinvesting towards making future events as great as possible for attendees. The truth is, there are way more expenses now than even two years ago, let alone 13 years ago when Big House first started," Harn said.

Big House 11

And why not just downscale The Big House? Harn explained that doing so would not align with his creative vision. He has yet to find another cheaper venue in the area that would match his criteria. Either way, Harn said that he refuses to take on an event that doesn't reach "a certain level of grandeur" and is not interested in making sacrifices for an event he doesn't find creatively and aesthetically exciting.

"I still love the game and the community. I’m incredibly grateful for the support from our thousands of attendees, and our amazing staff and volunteers, over the years. And I wish I could host Big House this year. I just hope everyone can understand — life happens, assumptions shift, landscapes evolve," Harn concluded. "I do this at the pleasure of the community, and if the desire and hunger is truly there for future installments of Big House, then please make that known politely and constructively. In the meantime, thank your longtime TOs, and practice gratitude for everyone behind-the-scenes who dedicates time and effort to making experiences great at any event you attend."

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