New XDefiant Weapon XP Update Infuriates Players

XDefiant fans are not happy following the latest update to Weapon Mastery

XDefiant’s most recent update saw an update to the weapon leveling system. The update lowered the XP needed to level up your primary weapons, meaning players could unlock attachments faster. However, it increases the levels required to unlock the Bronze, Silver and Gold Mastery Camos. This update has infuriated many XDefiant players, with many saying that it makes “no sense”.

XDefiant in-game image

Community Reaction

The community were not happy with this change at all, with Streamer and ex-Call of Duty Professional Sam “Octane” Larew stating “So, in response to people complaining about weapon XP requirements in XDefiant they reduced the XP required by 500 a level. Then added 100 levels, just don't change anything at that point?”

Fans continued to react poorly to this change, with some stating that it “feels like a move a mobile game would do before adding a bunch of MTX XP boosters”, and some even saying that there is “zero point in [them] grinding for a gold gun now”.

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XDefiant Responds to Update Criticism

Mark Rubin, Executive Producer of XDefiant responded to the fans disappointment with the following:

“Attachments for weapons affect gameplay. And people were unlocking attachments slower than we estimated. The faster leveling is in response to that. Weapon Mastery on the other hand does not affect gameplay and is supposed to be something special that shows off your dedication to a weapon. And so the re-balance of levels was in response to that."

Mark Rubin

In addition to this, he also agreed with players that XDefiant needs more progression, and not just weapon mastery camos. He revealed that “Prestige is coming. A new version of weapon mastery is coming. And other forms of progression are coming”.

While this may not have been the update that XDefiant players were looking for, it’s good to see the Executive Producer in discourse with the community. Players can expect these updates to be worked on, and even if it wasn’t a fan favorite, it will result in a better game following more updates.

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