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The Best Overwatch 2 Skins From 2023

Overwatch is famous for its vibrant characters and dynamic skins. 2023 offered some of the best and we've ranked the most impressive skins in Overwatch 2 this year

Overwatch 2 is full of cosmetics season after season. In fact, it may be one of the reasons it still has players. Here are our favorite Overwatch 2 skins that came out in 2023.

Lifeweaver Ghost Bloom (Epic)

This glowing and gloomy skin is very interesting for Lifeweaver since he is usually a bit more cheery and bright. The color palette is eye-catching and powerful and his glowing face is quite terrifying.

Junker Queen Rugby (Legendary)

This look just totally makes sense and matches Junker Queen’s rough-and-tumble personality. The cutoff jersey showing her abs and ripped up pants are just *chef’s kiss*. Then the spikes and mohawk? ALso, the colors are inspired by the Australian national rugby team. Just cool all around.

Winston Extraterrestrial Skin (Legendary)

This is one of the most interesting Winston skins, released as part of Season 4’s Starwatch event. The theme is space opera and it most definitely looks inspired by some very famous science fiction movies. It was unlockable at Tier 30 of the Premium Battle Pass and is definitely worth it for anyone who plays the meme monkey. It’s one of his more dynamic looks.

Wrecking Ball Honeycomb Hammond (Epic)

This Season 5 skin is simply just adorable. The yellow colors with honeycomb-inspired geometric patterns is so cute and wholesome. But the best part is the helmet on Hammond’s head, complete with cute bee-like antennas. It just doesn’t get cuter.

Widowmaker Harlequin (Epic)

This was a limited-time skin released in Season 4, which explains why it’s not themed after Starwatch or Thai New Year. Instead, Widowmaker looks a lot like DC bad girl Harley Quinn. This is very fitting since Widowmaker is a cold-blooded killing machine who used to be a loving woman (sound familiar?). The only difference is that Widowmaker doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor.

Bastion Fire Engine (Legendary)

As a heroic robot with a loving personality, what better profession than a firefighter? Or well, a fire engine. Bastion looks adorable and ready for action in this Season 6 skin, which has him in bright reds and yellows inspired by firefighter uniforms. The fire hat is a great touch, especially since it’s also on Ganymede.

Zarya Apocalypse (Legendary)

It looks like the tank hero has dropped into Mad Max in this skin, which was available by reaching Tier 50 of Season 6’s Premium battle pass. She is apocalypse ready with her gas mask, desert sand hood, and spiked armor and boots.

Brigitte Royal Captain (Legendary)

This skin came in Season 4 along with a Brigitte rework. This skin puts Brigitte in bold black armor with gold highlights. It’s a very badass skin that makes Brigitte look very intimidating. It quickly became a must-have for anyone who plays the controversial support.

Ilari Llama Pajamas (Legendary)

Illari looks super cute and comfy in her Season 6 legendary skin. It’s probably one of the more silly skins but it’s canon since she is confirmed to have a pet llama. The pastel colors and the star accessories are just beyond adorable.

Reinhardt Demon Lord (Legendary)

Inspired by Diablo, this Season 5 skin shows a whole new side to the usually wholesome and goofy tank. His menacing horns, glowing and glaring eyes, and the wings wrapped around his shoulder armor make him look very intense. Some players are unsure if they like the white beard but it has largely been applauded for its overall design.

Ana A-7000 Wargod (Mythic)

While Ana usually fights for peace, this badass skin has Ana looking more intense than ever. It was available at Tier 80 of Season 6’s Premium battle pass, coming in three different color palettes and three omnic builds for added customization. There was also two guns. No matter how you put it together, it’s a hardcore skin that is visually stunning.

Mei Alchemist (Legendary)

Maybe I’m biased, but this steampunk-looking skin is just awesome. While her skins are usually bubbly, this Legendary Season 5 skin is much more hardcore. The steampunk goggles are amazing but it’s really the other little details that bring it all together, like all of the vials of poison and potions. This is a super unique skin for the scientist and it all makes sense.

Echo Victorian Doll (Legendary)

This is one of my favorite Echo skins, reminiscent of an old Victorian doll. The blonde curly hair, puffy sleeves, and frilly bottoms are perfect together. Her lifeless stare makes it even more doll-like, giving it a very eerie feeling.

Tracer Vaporwave (Legendary)

Part of the Vaporwave bundle that came out in Season 4, this 90’s cyberpunk-style skin is a really fun and flashy look for Tracer. It matches her spunk and her time-warp abilities with its neon colors and retro shades. Her blue/purple hair adds another layer of punk badassery. It’s an awesome skin that will have you thinking of alternate realities, pills, robotic femme fatales…