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How to Get the Zombie Doctor Mercy Skin in Overwatch 2

Halloween may be over but spooky skins are still available in Overwatch 2.

The Zombie Doctor Mercy skin was the first to be revealed in the Overwatch 2 Season 7 trailer, which showed all of the eerie content coming for Rise of the Darkness. It may be November but it’s not too late to finally make the skin available for fans who can’t get enough Mercy skins.

Here’s how to get the Zombie Doctor Mercy skin.

Get the Zombie Doctor Mercy Skin

Unfortunately, the Zombie Doctor Mercy skin doesn’t come free.

You will need to go to Overwatch 2’s in-game shop and find the Zombie Doctor Mercy Bundle, which will cost you 1,600 Overwatch Coins. The Zombie Doctor Mercy Bundle includes the skin and an epic weapon charm.

Zombie doctor Mercy from Overwatch 2

The Zombie Doctor Mercy bundle is available now in Overwatch 2

1,600 Overwatch Coins will cost you $19.99. That will buy you 2,000 Overwatch Coins. If that’s too much, you can purchase the Zombie Doctor Mercy skin without the rest of the bundle for 1,000 Overwatch Coins or $9.99.

Overwatch 2 Shop Rotation

Ever since Overwatch 2 switched to the battle pass way of life rather than loot crates, there has been a shop with cosmetics you can purchase on rotation.

Right now, the Zombie Doctor Mercy skin is part of the current rotation along with other Halloween-themed skins:

  • Nightfall Illari
  • Scorpion Widowmaker
  • Slasher: 76
  • Black Swan Lifeweaver
  • Draugr Reinhardt
  • Cybergoth Zarya

Best Halloween Mercy Skins

The Zombie Doctor Mercy skin features the popular healer in a raggedy, stained nurse outfit straight out of the apocalypse. Her eyes are a creepy glowing white and she’s wearing a surgical mask over her usual smile. But is this the best Halloween Mercy skin?

Probably not. Witch Mercy is the OG Halloween costume that everyone wants. Mercy wears a traditional black witch hat and a dress right out of the Salem Witch Trial days. This is a fan-favorite Mercy skin that is always desired.