The 8 Best Cards in Pokémon Twilight Masquerade

Some of the cards in Twilight Masquerade could be a must-have in the upcoming meta.

Twilight Masquerade is an exciting new expansion in the Pokémon TCG that has the competitive card community excited. Not only does it contain some of the most stunning artwork but some cards that could possibly shake up the meta. This includes cards that will be used as deck staples to new ex that may lead to their own powerful decks. Here are the cards that we believe will be the most viable!

8. Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon ex

Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon ex

This defensive Pokémon's Cornerstone Stance ability doesn't allow your opponent to attack with any Pokémon with an ability. It also prevents damage done to it from attacks while on the bench, making it even trickier to hit this 'mon no matter where it is on your board. It's gonna be tough to deal with this one.

7. Blissey ex

Blissey ex

A lot of Pokémon pros are watching Blissey ex closely thanks to its utility that makes it quite versatile. You could probably find Blissey ex in an abundance of decks when rotation happens. Its ability, Happy Switch, lets you move a basic energy from one Pokémon to another once per turn. Then Return lets you draw cards until you have six in your hand so you can start your next turn with more options. While it only does 180, Blissey ex has 300 HP so it can survive a few turns as you get the cards you need in your hand.

6. Sinistcha ex

Sinistcha ex

This Pokémon's attack can really sneak up on you and deal massive damage. You can put two damage counters on one of your opponent's 'mon for each Grass energy in your discard pile. There's a lot of synergy possibilities between Sinistcha ex and other cards, like Radient Greninja and other cards that put energy cards into the discard pile easily.

5. Luxray ex

Luxray ex

This card works very fast. You can deal 250 damage with just two Electric energy. Piercing Gaze can also disrupt opponents early on by letting you discard something from their hand with two energy, which are easy to attach thanks to many Electric-focused item cards.

4. Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex

Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex TCG

There's some interesting synergy with this Ogerpon variant. First do 20 damage to the defending Pokémon with Sob, hopefully freezing it in the active spot. Once you attach more energy the next turn, you can us Torrential Pump to do another 100 but also target a benched 'mon for 120 while your opponent's board is stuck in place.

3. Teal Mask Ogerpon ex

Team Mask Ogerpon ex

The energy acceleration with this Ogerpon card makes it quite strong. Teal Dance lets you attach a basic Grass energy from your hand to Teal Mask Ogerpon ex and draw a card after. Then, you do 30 more damage for each energy attached to both active 'mon. This lets you potentially do a whole lotta damage.

2. Dragapult ex

Dragapult ex

Dragapult ex could become a very meta deck thanks to its high HP and explosive damage. For just one Fire and one Psychic, you can attack for 200 and also put six damage counters on your opponent's benched Pokémon any way you like. This makes Dragapult ex very versatile and imposing, possibly taking out multiple Pokémon in one turn if calculated correctly.

1. Greninja ex

Greninja ex

There is no denying that this card is the absolute standout of Twilight Masquerade. Shinobi Blade does 170 damage for just one Water energy while also searching your deck for any card you need. This allows you to attack and set up your hand very early on. Mirage Barrage has you discard two energy to do 120 damage to two enemy 'mon. This can really make an impact on your opponent's bench, doing a large amount of damage all over the board so your enemy can't escape.

Olivia Richman


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