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TFT Set 10 Meta Report Patch 13.24 — Lead with Little Buddies

A look at the rising trends bi-weekly to help players stay ahead of the curve on their way to winning lobbies.
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The dust has settled at the TFT Vegas Open and with all eyes on the event, players are using what they learned coming into the event and after to shift the metagame. With TFT Patch 13.24 having a full week to develop the meta, it is time to look at the data trend for what is doing well in the second patch of TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble. Using data from and analysis from Esports Illustrated’s TFT expert, ESI brings readers a look at some interesting developments outside of just compositions (although we do have that too).

Here is the TFT Meta Report for Patch 13.24:

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Using’s data, here is a look at the best performers in these categories for Patch 13.24

Augment Spotlight: Little Buddies

Little Buddies best augment tft meta report

There is only one augment that has an average placement below 4.00 in TFT Patch 13.24 and it might not look good at first glance but has finally found its place in the meta. That augment is Little Buddies.

Little Buddies is a gold augment that is only offered as the second or third augment in the game. The effect is simple but requires a specific setup to execute well. Little Buddies simply grants four and five-cost champions on the board and extra 100 health and 10% attack speed for every one- and two-cost champion on the board. This has proven to be good as the meta already runs the Superfan package inherently which will guarantee at least low-cost champions that will then give 200 health and 20% attack speed to the main carries in the comp

But on top of that, it turns synergy bots that would normally not provide value outside of just hitting the right numbers of a specific trait into even more buffs for high-cost champions. Comps like K/DA essentially have four low-cost champions which in turn gives Akali and Ahri an extra 400 health and 40% attack speed which is pretty nice on just a gold augment.

Champion Focus: Ahri

Ahri MetaTFT data

Ahri is a strong carry best built with Blue Buff, Jeweled Gauntlet, and Nashor's Tooth

As usual, all the five-cost champions dominate the S-Tier on’s Champion Tier list but the highest non-five-cost champion in the A-Tier is the four-cost carry Ahri. Ahri’s average placement at Diamond and above is at an impressive 4.23. Oddly enough she didn't receive any buffs in 13.24 but with other champions taking a hit, Ahri emerged as the premier magic damage carry.

The most popular build on Ahri seems to be Jeweled Gauntlet, Deathcap and Spear of Shojin but that is also far from her most optimal build as those three items only give Ahri and average placement of 4.62. Instead, players should look to build Blue Buff, Jeweled Gauntlet and Nashor’s Tooth as that combination has netted an average placement of 3.73 which is absurd.

Of Course, Ahri slots in best in K/DA compositions as one of the two premier carries alongside Akali and is also the secondary carry option in Annie reroll.

Player on the Rise: Wasianiverson

meta report best player

While the TFT Vegas Open was taking place over the weekend, one player shot up the ranks and has been tearing up the ranked ladder in North America. This patch’s player on the rise is none other than the current Rank 2 player, Wasianiverson.

Wasianiverson in the past seven days has climbed 690 LP and has now reached just shy of 1400 LP. In the past seven days, Wasianiverson has played 60 games with an average placement of 3.25 which is impressive seeing as this run was done in Challenger lobbies and not just a fresh account.

As for the comps being played, Wasianiverson has played 15 different compositions in that 60-game run and looking at their last 20 games in particular, it seems like while Wasianiverson still has the Jazz plus good stuff composition as their main attraction, they also have played some games of two of the most iconic compositions from the TVO including Crowd Diver Yone and True Damage Caitlyn.