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How to use Tome of Traits — Guide for TFT Set 10

An in-depth guide on how players should use Tome of Traits in TFT Remix Rumble

With the new Teamfight Tactics expansion, TFT: Remix Rumble in full swing, players are starting to get the hang of how each trait works. But while players are familiar with the champions in each trait, they might have noticed that some traits have seemingly unreachable breakpoints like 10 Pentakill. But there is a way for players to actually get to those chase traits.

Emblems, specifically from Tome of Traits, is how players can make impossible boards possible and being able to get the right emblems at the right time can turn bottom fours into lobby wins. Here is an in-depth guide on how Tome of Traits works and the best emblems to get from them by looking at data from

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Tome Of Traits tips for TFT Set 10

  • Use non-emblem trait champions to maximize chances like EDM ones (Jax, Lux, Zed and Zac)
  • Aim for having 12+ active and non-active traits on the board to get four tailored emblems
  • Look for Country, Crowd Diver and Jazz emblems as they are performing the best.

How it works

Tome of Traits is a unique consumable item that usually pops up as an augment selection, a creep round drop or a Heartsteel cashout. But while these occurrences are rare, they do happen which is why it's important to know how they work.

When a player consumes a Tome of Traits, four “random” emblems will pop up with the player able to pick one to keep. But those four options aren't exactly random and can be manipulated to be able to get the ones you want.

There is an innate rule for Tome of Traits in which the emblems in the ToT are tailored based on the traits that exist on a player's board with a catch. The amount of tailored traits is based on the amount of different traits on the board. These count active and inactive traits as well.

TFT Remix Rumble Lux

A simple breakdown states that if a player has five or less traits, all four ToT emblems will be random, six to seven gives players one tailored emblem, eight to nine gives two, 10 to 11 gives three and 12 or more gives all four options being tailored. The tailored options are random based on the traits on the board but will shrink the pool by a considerable margin.

The pool can be further manipulated by placing traits on the board that dont have emblems in the game, these are EDM, Breakout, Illbeats, Wildcard, Mixmaster and Maestro. Almost all of these are attached to five-cost champions except for Breakout and EDM. Breakout is exclusive to Akali while EDM is an actual trait with multiple champions in the game. Players should try having any of the EDM champions on their board when using a ToT to maximize chances.

The best emblems to get from Tome of Traits

Looking at the data provided by, there are quite a few emblems that players can get from Tome of Traits that have an average placement of below 3.50 in Diamond+ lobbies which is absurd. The best performers are Country and Crowd Diver which make sense as both traits are usually the focus of reroll compositions that allow those comps to spike unbelievably hard by hitting a chase trait.

Jazz is the third-best performer and the best emblem that can be crafted, Crowd Diver and Country are uncraftable meaning that they can only be obtained by Tome of Traits. Right behind Jazz is Hyperpop which is another uncraftable emblem and also makes sense as there are only two other Hyperpop champions and the trait is a 1/2/3 piece meaning that getting this emblem onto your board provides immediate value regardless of the comp already being played. Rounding out the top five is Spellweaver which can help cap out magic damage boards by placing the emblem on a champion that can cast abilities quickly.

The value of an emblem is incredible but there is currently one emblem that has a negative average placement meaning that more often than not, if a player has this emblem, they are losing LP. That emblem is Heartsteel which makes sense since Heartsteel is a high-risk high-reward econ trait that is usually pivoted out of once the cash out occurs making the emblem useless in the late game.