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  • Riot Games reveal VCT Masters Shanghai as part of the VCT 2024 season.
  • Is China part of one of the three VALORANT franchised leagues?
  • When will VALORANT Masters Shanghai take place?
  • How can VALORANT fans watch VCT Champions 2023 in August 2023?

Riot Games has revealed that the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour will be headed toward Shanghai, China for VCT Masters Shanghai.

The announcement falls in line with the official launch of VALORANT in China as they are set to receive their very own international tournament in the 2024 competitive VALORANT season.

Shanghai, China is not a new location for a Riot Games tournament. Shanghai has been a popular landing spot in League of Legends for quite some time as it played host to the League of Legends 2020 World Championship.

While China is not a part of one of the three partnered VALORANT Leagues, Riot Games has made sure to include the region at international VLAORANT tournaments. At VCT 2023: LOCK//IN and VCT Masters Tokyo, China received two slots. At VCT Champions 2023, that number will see their team representation increase to three teams.

The announcement also falls in line with EDward Gaming’s strong 5th-6th place finish at VCT Masters Tokyo where they will be looking to improve upon that performance at VCT Champions 2023 and possibly VCT Masters Shanghai.

When Does VALORANT Masters Shanghai Start?

VCT Masters Shanghai will take place in Spring 2024 as the tournament will once again feature the best teams from each of the international leagues and qualifying events. It will be the second international VCT tournament to take place in Asia after VCT Masters Tokyo.

More details about VCT Masters Shanghai will be released in the coming months. As excitement continues to grow for next year’s international VALORANT tournament in Shanghai, fans can draw their attention over to VCT Champions 2023 which is set to take place from August 6-26.

Those interested in learning more about VCT Champions 2023 can do so by checking out our extensive guide on the upcoming international VALORANT tournament.