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Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang’s foray into VALORANT has continued to be a bit of a bummer.

Disguised Toast’s NA Challengers League team has yet to win any matches, causing Disguised Toast and star player Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker to apologize to disappointed fans. It’s been three weeks of Split 2 action and Disguised is at the bottom of Group A with a 0-3 record.

There are two matches left and the team needs to win in order to have enough points to make it to the Playoffs. But it’s not looking good after losses to Oxygen Esports, Shopify Rebellion, and Turtle Troop.

While signing yay was most definitely a smart move that had fans feeling hopeful, Disguised Toast has now come forward to say that his short time in esports has been one of the most “challenging experiences” of his whole career.

On Twitter, Disguised apologized to DSG fans but said he does not regret getting into the esports space. In fact, he’s still excited for the future. But meanwhile, he has started to have “a lot of doubts” about his decision making.

“Ultimately, I have to approve all the decisions that are made regarding the team. And it’s scary because I never had any competitive FPS experience and now I need to make choices over the livelihoods of these young players who are trying to make a living pursuing their aspirations,” Disguised Toast wrote.

With each loss, Toast said the DSG players feel more and more defeated and face more pressure. This has put pressure on Disguised Toast as well, who decided to be vulnerable about his feelings about losing. It’s part of his journey into the space after all.

“Everyone here will keep trying their best. And we all hope to make you all proud one day,” he concluded.

Yay Responds to Disguised Toast VALORANT Defeat Post

The emotional post had a lot of VALORANT fans in their feels. Many came out to support Disguised Toast and his squad, offering him motivational quips and words of understanding.

“Esports can be a very tough place if you don’t deliver results as quick as people expected and if you don't have a good support/system in the backstage,” said C9’s Social Media Manager. “You’ve made so much more progress to our Industry than many others who tried and I’m confident that you and your team will learn from these experiences to bring Disguised to its success sooner or later. Don’t give up!”

Added TSM VALORANT pro Eric “Kanpeki” Xu: “You are helping the esports scene so much with making it far more entertaining and also helping up and coming players along with current players pursue their dreams of being a pro player. I greatly appreciate what you do and so do many others.”

DSG’s own players also responded to the tweet.

Yay quote tweeted Toast’s sentiment, adding an apology of his own. He admitted that he “missed a few key shots” that he knew he was capable of hitting. While disappointed in himself, yay said that Toast “deserves a win” and will “do everything” he can to fight for a win going forward.

Fans told yay that he’s “only human” and continued to praise the team for being vulnerable, honest, and, more importantly, not giving up.

With support continuing to roll in, hopefully Disguised will have a good match on May 13. They will be competing against Group A’s top team M80 Esports. It will be a difficult match but DSG is not going to go down without a fight.

Meanwhile, Toast fans are hoping his new Challengers team will become a success after his previous all-female team disbanded after a poor performance.