Thursday’s PM Hot Clicks features an awesome, old Pete Rose commercial and birthday girl Hannah Davis as the Lovely Lady of the Day. 

By Dan Gartland
May 05, 2016

He Got 1,256 More

, so he’s the subject of this Mustard Minute video.

Ready for the Derby?

With the Kentucky Derby only two days away, are you ready to drink all day in preparation for a two-minute race? If you do plan on imbibing this Saturday, first watch this video to learn how to make a mint julep, then review the rules for our Derby drinking game. If you’re looking to actually learn something about horse racing, use these flashcards to brush up on the terminology

Please Laugh at James Dolan

Deadspin’s Dave McKenna has a feature about Knicks owner James Dolan’s love for music. The parts where he talks about falling in love with playing the guitar are kind of endearing, but the revelation that his last album only sold 113 copies is hilarious. Basically, he’s the Knicks of blues-rock.

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day


Life Comes At You Fast


Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Odds & Ends

A great example of how the NCAA screws athletes. ... Heh, “Sinkhole de Mayo.” ... Who knew there was so much cool stuff under overpasses? Not only does Donald Trump cheat at golf, but also he’s really bad at doing it. ... Here’s a good look at the economics of wrestling, in light of the drama surrounding Ryback ... Gallery: The Day in Sports (May 5).

Me on a Saturday


This Kid is 14

Dinner at MJ’s


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