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Chris Long Is Having Fun With Eagles Teammates' Last Names

Something about standing near Lane Johnson and Fletcher Cox appeals to Chris Long.

Chris Long is here for a good joke.

The Philadelphia Eagles defensive end has already trolled teammate Fletcher Cox on Twitter after Cox complained about flight delays. But Long also appears to be a big fan of off-color humor as well.

Long asked offensive tackle Lane Johnson to stand by him to warm-up, and thanks to the perfect placement of guard Darrell Greene, Long proved he can be just as clever as any 14-year-old boy.

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And don't worry, Long will most likely be treating us to this gag a lot this year since he and Cox will be on the defensive line together. He already made sure to get a picture together earlier this off-season.

It's not as wholesome as when Louisville players Traveon Samuel and Lamar Jackson get near each other.

Or some of these other funny pairings.

But, while Long is in Philadelphia, he will probably keep finding new teammates to stand to the left of.