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Joe Buck admits he went too far with Randy Moss 'disgusting' call

Joe Buck's favorite and least favorite calls of his career involve the Vikings.
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Joe Buck's favorite call in his decades of announcing sports? Easy. It's the "Minneapolis Miracle" when Case Keenum found Stefon Diggs for a touchdown as the clock expired in the 2017-18 playoff game between the Vikings and Saints. 

Buck's least favorite moment as a broadcaster? This one's a shocker. It's his regrettable decision to describe Randy Moss's fake mooning of the fans at Lambeau Field the 2004-05 playoffs as a "disgusting act."

Here's what Buck said this week when he was asked on the This Is Football podcast which call he wishes he could take back. 

"The Randy Moss call, for sure, with the 'that's disgusting,'" Buck said. "The irony of it all is, A) we were at FOX together for a brief while he was there, B), now we're at ESPN together. My wife Michelle does the pregame show. Of all the people on that pregame show, prior to even our arrival because he hasn't been there since we got there, the nicest human being to my wife was Randy. And I would go on Mondays and support her and he'd be the guy that'd hop of the set and come down and we'd give high fives, the handshake and the lean-in hug. The more time goes on, the more I think, 'Man, I can't believe that even came out of my mouth.' 

"I never live in the 'I want it back,' I never in live in the 'I wish I could take that back' or delete it or whatever. I can't live like that. I have to be willing to accept a step on the wrong tile if I'm also going to accept when things went great and I made the call that I love to hear when it comes on. 

"But when I hear that call I'm like, that was too far. It wasn't calculated. You never now what you're going to see when you go into a stadium. I think knowing more of the backstory after the fact about the fans and doing that to the team bus, I understand it more than I did in that moment. Again, it's not anything that keeps me up at night, but I think knowing more information now, that was one that I would probably pull back a little bit on."

Randy Moss

Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss moons the crowd after scoring a touchdown during the fourth quarter of their game against the Green Bay Packers Sunday, January 9, 2005 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.