EA Sports College Football 25 team rankings by tier

EA Sports uses a college football's team success in the rankings to determine royalty payouts for the upcoming College Football 25 video game.
EA Sports College Football 25
EA Sports College Football 25 / Electronic Arts

Not only will players be able to make some money out of the release of EA Sports College Football 25, but schools themselves will also take part. And it's thanks to a unique criteria that EA is using to determine the royalties, based on how schools have performed in the top 25 rankings.

EA Sports is using every school's finish in the AP polls over the last decade to sort programs into four different tiers, according to records obtained by clict.

Schools receive one point for every finish in the final AP top 25 rankings and are then categorized based on the number. The minimum guaranteed payouts range anywhere from around $10,000 in the lower tier to almost $100,000 for those at the top of the heap.

Tier 1 programs will receive $99,875.16, Tier 2 schools earned $59,925.09, Tier 3 schools got $39,950.06, and Tier 4 teams will make $9,987.52.

Here's your look at the schools that will get the largest payouts.

EA Sports College Football 25 team tier rankings

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Tier 1: Clemson

Tier 2: Florida State, Louisville, NC State, Miami, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Stanford

Tier 3: Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Wake Forest, SMU

Tier 4: Boston College, Duke, California, Virginia

Big 12

Tier 1: Oklahoma State, Utah

Tier 2: Cincinnati, TCU, Baylor, UCF, Kansas State, Arizona, West Virginia, Houston, BYU

Tier 3: Kansas, Colorado, Arizona State, Iowa State

Tier 4: Texas Tech

Big Ten

Tier 1: Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, Penn State, Iowa

Tier 2: Wisconsin, USC, Washington, Northwestern, Michigan State, UCLA

Tier 3: Minnesota, Indiana

Tier 4: Maryland, Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois, Nebraska


Tier 1: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma

Tier 2: Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Auburn, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Missouri

Tier 3: Arkansas, South Carolina

Tier 4: Vanderbilt


Tier 3: Oregon State, Washington State

EA Sports has announced it will officially release College Football 25 on July 19 of this year, making that the biggest date on the 2024 preseason calendar.


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