EA Sports College Football 25 deep dive video released

Fans get a closer look at the EA Sports College Football 25 video game that comes out this summer.
EA Sports College Football 25/Electronic Arts
EA Sports College Football 25/Electronic Arts /

New information about the highly-anticipated EA Sports College Football 25 has been coming out little by little over the last few weeks, and now players have another update, after Electronic Arts released a new "Gameplay Deep Dive" trailer showing more in-game action for fans.

We got our first look at College Football 25 earlier this month when EA released its first full trailer for the game, showing team introductions and game play footage, earning rave reviews from gamers. This trailer includes more footage and additional features that will debut this summer.

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EA Sports last issued its popular college football video game more than a decade ago, back in 2013, after which the company announced that it was discontinuing the game.

That decision followed a court ruling that forced EA Sports to pay compensation to athletes who had previously been included in the product but were not paid.

Then, after the creation of the new NIL rules two years ago, EA went public by announcing that the game would return at some point in the future.

After a long wait, and with many intriguing previews, the future is closer now than ever before.


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