LeBron James Teases His Upcoming 22nd Signature Nike Sneaker

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James teased the unreleased Nike LeBron 22.
LeBron James teased the Nike LeBron 22 online.
LeBron James teased the Nike LeBron 22 online. / Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

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Despite finishing the regular season 12 games over .500, the Los Angeles Lakers' campaign was ultimately a disappointment this year. To make matters worse, their head coaching search this off-season has added insult to injury.

While the Lakers search for their next new head coach, LeBron James is already back in the gym preparing for next season. Even better, James treated fans to a sneak peek at his next signature basketball shoe.

On Friday morning, James posted a picture of the unreleased Nike LeBron 22 on his Instagram story. The caption read, "Wear test! XX2 of thee [sic] way!"

By wear test, James was referring to both the all-black colorway and the process of testing out an unreleased basketball shoe. Nike is likely putting the final touches on James' 22nd signature sneaker before shifting its focus to the following model.

James' new sneakers usually launch in late September for $200 in adult sizes. Although Nike is a few months away from officially introducing the performance model, it is safe to assume the Nike LeBron 22 will launch at a similar price and date on the sneaker release calendar.

Athletes and fans wanting to purchase the Nike LeBron 21 at a discount are in luck. Online shoppers can choose from multiple colorways of James' signature sneakers in full-family sizing on the Nike website.

Given Bronny James' draft status and the Lakers head coaching search, the future is anything but certain for the franchise. However, fans can expect an exciting summer in sneakers for James as he will once again represent Nike on Team USA in the 2024 Summer Olympics.

While we wait to learn more about the Nike LeBron 22 (and the direction of the Lakers), fans can count on Sports Illustrated for all their sneaker news from the NBA and the rest of the sports world.

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