A Little Ditty About Dodgers' Max Muncy

Howard Cole

He rakes. He plays three positions on the infield. He is what Dodgers' skipper Dave Roberts refers to simply as "a baseball player." He is Max Muncy.

And Roberts isn't talking about Muncy's occupation; he's paying him the ultimate complement, describing his man as a guy who does things the right way,  a guy who does a lot of things well and is constantly improving. Whatever it takes to help his team win ballgames. And championships. 

From time to time in this space, we'll post a little ditty to one of L.A.'s finest. An ode to a Dodger, you might say. Lovingly produced by SI's Tom Wilson. This one's for Muncy. 

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K.D.F. 1974
K.D.F. 1974

Last season Max Muncy proved 2018 wasn't a fluke and was a better defensive player as well.

No. 1-2

This season Muncy's going to make MadBum go that the ball out of the swimming pool~