Between Three Palms: State of the Dodgers Union

Howard Cole

In episode 382 of SI's "Between Three Palms," producer Tom Wilson and I discuss the state of the Dodgers union. How do things stand after two weekends of spring contests?

Couldn't be better. No major injuries, no injuries at all occurring in game action and about as positive a feel in camp as can possibly be. Sure, hope springs eternal, and it's almost a universal thing for clubs to feel good about an upcoming season this far out, but in the case of Los Angeles, it's a legit notion.

Did you catch it? In lieu of a boring episode number (such as 01, 02, 007 or some such thing) and starting with this episode, I'll be employing a baseball number. In most, but not all cases, it'll be a Dodgers-themed number. It's 382 here. Feel free to guess away in the comments section below. It's an important one. And you shouldn't need a hint.

And remember, glove conquers all.

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