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There's some fine people in baseball and Albert Pujols is one of themn. The Dodgers acquired Albert Pujols last year, and he immediately established himself as a team leader. Tío Albert formed great relationships with his new teammates quickly. He was also glad to see an old friend from his time in the Angels - Dino Ebel.

Ebel would frequently go to the Newport Beach area in order to assist Pujols with his offseason workouts.

“When he would call, I would show up. Wherever he wanted me to be, I was there. If it was hitting ground balls, or throwing batting practice for an hour, I would do it because I love doing it. I love him because he’s a great person. Our relationship is strong and it continues to be strong.”

Pujols wanted to show his gratitude for the many hours Ebel spent helping him train.

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After a home Dodgers game, Ebel returned to his driveway to find that the garage door wouldn't open. Another oddity was the fact that his wife and two kids seemed to be waiting for him at near midnight. After a few minutes of pretending to help their dad fix a garage door that wasn't actually broken, the Ebel boys opened the door.

“He pulls up the garage door and there’s a 2021 Stingray Dodger Blue convertible Corvette. Fully loaded to the tilt.”

Despite the fact that Pujols and Ebel will together for the majority of the day at Dodger Stadium, Pujols never divulged what was waiting for Ebel upon his return home.

Ebel phoned Pujols to express his thanks. Pujols responded in kind.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done. This is a gift from me to you my friend.”

Thanks to Pujols, Ebel is now the proud owner of an incredible sports car.