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The Dodgers were fortunate to be able to sign Chris Taylor ahead of the current MLB labor dispute. With the value that he brings, calling the deal important would be a massive understatement. Taylor's flexibility is the not-so-hidden ingredient in all of the Dodgers' best combinations. It's why many around baseball thisnk CT3 is the team's MVP.

He's a grinder, and he always wants to be in the Dodgers lineup, even if he isn't 100 percent healthy. In a recent episode of AM570's Dodger Talk, Dodgers third base coach Dino Ebel said that Taylor rarely reveals little ailments to the training staff.

“The trainers are alway coming out and making sure he’s fine like they do rest of the players but you’re not going to see this guy in the training room. If he’s hurt, he’s going to say something. But if he knows he can manage it himself and it’s day-to-day without anybody knowing and he knows he can get the job done – that’s CT. That’s who he is, he wants to be in that lineup.”

Ebel went on to say that he always checks in on CT and often receives the same answer from him. 

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“I go to him all the time and ask him daily, ‘how do you feel?’ and it’s always the same answer, ‘I’m good’”.

Taylor batted .254 with a.344 OBP last season, playing in 148 games. CT3 posted a.834 OPS and 46 RBI through the first half of the year, and his contributions resulted in his first All-Star nod in 2021.

Taylor's flexibility and availability were undoubtedly considerations in the Dodgers' decision to re-sign him to a $60 million four-year contract this winter.