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Dodgers: D-Backs Triple-A Affiliate Championship Celebrates in Another Teams Pool

The Reno Aces celebration looked familiar to many Dodger fans

The Dodgers have been dominating this past decade. One world series title to show for and nine division titles in the past 10 years. The first of those nine division titles came in 2013, their first since 2009 at the time and the first for the Guggenheim ownership group that purchased the Dodgers in 2012. 

Many beloved Dodgers were on that 2013 squad that clinched the division at Chase Field against the Arizona Diamondbacks. A normal celebration was taken place until members of the team decided to hop over the homerun fence and jump in the pool that is in right-center field at Chase Field. 

Since then, the D-backs have done everything in their power to let anything like that happen again. 

Oddly enough, the D-Backs minor league team, Reno Aces, won the Pacific Coast League championship Friday night in Las Vegas and they celebrated similarly to the 2013 Dodgers. 

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At the end of the day, that is the Arizona Diamondbacks triple-A affiliate so they represent them. A couple of people on Twitter noticed the comparison with the Dodgers. 

Nothing wrong with going all and celebrating, but it is kind of hypocritical. 

Dodger fans know that Chase Field is considered Dodger Stadium east and the Dodgers stamped it with their division celebration in 2013. The Dodger fans take over that stadium every single time they play in Arizona and every time they are loud and support the Boys in Blue. 

You will not see the Dodgers celebrate like that anymore, they are far beyond that and have achieved so much in the past 10 seasons. There’s no need to bring in the entire Phoenix Police Department to keep the Dodgers out of the pool. 

If you can’t take the heat you must get out of the kitchen, and that's a direct shot at the Diamondbacks.