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Dodgers Fans React to the Edwin Rios News

Dodger fans give their take on Edwin Rios being non-tendered

The Dodgers announced on Friday that they had non-tendered Cody Bellinger, Luke Williams, and Edwin Rios. The news of Belli was inevitable to some as the writing was on the wall, so to speak, but the word of Edwin Rios was pretty surprising. 

I know some of you forgot about Rios, and you can credit that to the fact that he missed most of the season due to hamstring issues. 

We asked our followers on Twitter what they thought about the team non-tendering Edwin; here's what some had to say about the news. 

When Rios was out on the field, he was a good ball player who had some power and did his part in contributing to the Boys in Blue. However, it was rare when he would be out there on a consistent base. 

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Injuries kept him out for long periods of time, and the progression of our minor leaguers didn't help him out. 

The 28-year-old only appeared in 27 games in 2022, last appearing in early June against the New York Mets. Rios has yet to play in a quarter of the season and has not even played 162 games in his four-year career. 

In the past three seasons, Rios has suffered from a left hamstring injury, a shoulder injury, and another hamstring injury. 

He cannot catch a break with the injuries, and his time with the Dodgers has more than likely ended. 

We wish Rios the best; hopefully, he can stay healthy for his own sake.