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Yasiel Puig, a former Dodger fan favorite, has had a rough few years. He burst onto the scene in 2013 and quickly became a superstar in LA. Unfortunately, it only took a few years before the relationship between him and the organization, and him and the fanbase started to deteriorate.

On the field, his talent was evident. The Wild Horse hit .305 with 35 home runs over his first two seasons and in 2014 he earned an All-Star spot. But then the rumors of his behavior off the field got louder and the headlines, more and more questionable.

Puig was late to the ballpark often, he didn’t listen to the coaching staff, he got in fights with teammates, and there were issues with the law as well. Speeding tickets, a DUI arrest, and reports of assault involving at least three women, all of whom he settled with out of court.

Eventually, the Cuban-born outfielder was sent to the Cincinnati Reds where he spent half a season before being traded to the Cleveland Indians at the 2019 deadline.

His 2019 numbers were roughly league average but his reputation preceded him and in 2020, he was unable to find a job and sat out the entire season. He tried again in 2021 with similar results and ended up joining the Mexican League. Puig did well and hoped teams in the states would consider offering him a chance but that didn't happen. In 2022, after changing representation, he signed with the Korean Baseball Organization for the season.

Puig recently told TMZ Sports that while he’s happy in the KBO, he still prefers the Dodgers and MLB.

“It’s better to be in Los Angeles or MLB”

The 31year-old realizes he’s a player that comes with baggage and appears eager to show everyone he is not the same guy and is ready for a return to the majors…

“God put me in this spot to do the best I can to show people that I’ve changed from five or six years ago.”

Unfortunately for Puig, baseball is a sport with a long memory. 

With clubhouse mentality being such a big factor overall, no one wants someone brought in with the history of putting the "I" in team. It sounds like Puig is still learning that lesson and he's hoping to prove it.