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Due to injury, the Dodgers are expected to be without Mookie Betts for about the next 2 weeks, so if they were going to consider playing with the lineup construction, now would be the time.

One possibility they could seriously consider is moving Gavin Lux out of the 9 spot. While going a bit under the radar, Lux has had a very good season for the Dodgers batting there, specifically in the month of June statistically being their best hitter for the last 20 days or so.

Before Tuesday’s game, Lux was hitting .347 in June with the best fWAR and wRC+ amongst the Dodgers. Which, considering the rest of the line-up, are pretty great numbers to be coming out of the 9 spot for Dave Roberts. So, should they consider moving him out of the bottom of the order?

Well, on one hand, many believe that spot is comfortable for Lux. Why move him out of there and get him out of his comfort zone when he’s producing like he is? If it ain't broke, should we try to "fix it"? On the other hand, the Dodgers are kinda struggling on offense and sure could use a boost up near the top of the order to hopefully jumpstart the beginning of a batting order that seems to be falling somewhat flat. 

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Either way, it seems as though the time frame Doc has to consider and implement this or any other changes will be somewhat short and it is pretty well known that Mookie will return to the top spot when he gets back. So, would it be beneficial enough to be worth throwing Lux out of his "zone"? What do you think Roberts should or could do? Would it be too much pressure on Lux to move him up in the lineup?