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On paper, the Dodgers have the most talented roster in baseball. Problem is, baseball isn't played on paper as fans have been reminded of during the Dodgers uneven June. LA has been good this year, but not great. Bettors are still betting on the Dodgers as the latter.

The first two games of the Dodgers-Rockies series served as yet another reminder. Colorado took the first two games of the series, including a drubbing of Clayton Kershaw. Entering Kershaw's Tuesday start, the Dodgers were big favorites (-225) and they got absolutely crushed.

That's how the Dodgers season has gone so far. Earlier this season, they got swept at home by the rudderless Pittsburgh Pirates and this month, were swept by the arch rival San Francisco Giants.

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Those losses are crushing bettors according to one report. According to the Yahoo Sports article by Pete Truszkowski, the Dodgers are costing daily gamblers $100 a day and almost $300 on the season. 

To compare, gamblers are up on average of $1300 when betting on the Yankees and nearly $1000 on the Mets when wagering on every game.

Rooting for the Dodgers is still a successful enterprise, but at the moment, betting on them is not.